What I Wore This Week + Capsule Wardrobe

I know what you are thinking- that shirt again? Well I’ll have you know it’s become a literal staple to my current capsule wardrobe. Next thought- What is a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to say that I thought up this … Continue reading

Homemade Ice Cream….Tried and Tested Deliciousness

After our hour long bedtime routine…just kidding, that’s a stretch. After our 45 minute bedtime routine of books, potty, floss, brush teeth and mouthwash, prayers and tuck ins’, Seth and I are so ready to relax. We sneak out the … Continue reading

A big day in the Hueckman House

Our “baby” has his first day of kindergarten and our baby is a month old today. After much debate we finally decided to send Heston to a public charter school, that is half day.  Uniform and all, we put him … Continue reading