Tested and Tried: Mighty Fix subscription

Its been awhile and I really miss blogging but life has been in constant motion. I currently feel like an Uber- unpaid of course, and my van of transport is definitely not treated as nice I’m sure. Between 2 boys sports practices, carpool, speech class, preschool, church, dance and grocery stores, it’s a full blown rat race. I had been meaning to sit down for a while and tell you about this super fun thing I’m into right now. Not sure where I first heard of this but when I saw it, I wanted to give it a shot. It’s always fun getting things in the mail. Amazon boxes, UPS deliveries, snail mail cards, magazines, birthday presents, ect…. I have tried Ipsy (makeup subscription), Jewelmint (jewelry subscription) and now MightyFix. These are monthly subscriptions you pay for and get a surprise in the mail of product each month. **Please note that I have not been paid or compensated to write this up and review.  I wanted to give our readers an in-site into one of my favorite monthly subscriptions. This is strictly my opinion of this company and products.

Mighty Fix is a $10 a month subscription to eco-friendly, sustainable and natural home products. Each month you can add on items to purchase for a discounted price and not pay shipping, although you are not required or expected to. I have not added onto any months order yet. I love getting the package in my mailbox and run into my house to open and see my new product. We try to have an eco-friendly and greener home and this has been 100% worth it for our family. It’s fun to try products that fit our goal lifestyle…Well I should say more mine then my husbands. 

Here are the first 6 months of products we received…. I had actually been trying to order the Bee’s Wrap for a while but their site can’t keep up with its orders(I’m guessing) so I was most excited that month. Bees Wrap is a reusable sheet to wrap around lids or sandwiches, a plastic warp alternative…. The first month we got 2 Stainless Steel snack containers from Ukonserve. Wool Dryer balls the second month. Great Eco Dishcloths that soak up water well and don’t smell after being used another month.  Reusable snack bags from Lunchskins and the Stasher multi-purpose steamer/storage bag were other months goodies.

Here are the next few months of products… 2 glass Duralex containers. The company is based in France.

Today we got this Home cleaner from Meliora. We got the glass bottle and more soap flakes and you just add water. I’m excited to clean tomorrow.

I do want to highlight this little gem…Never heard of it but it has been great…

What have you tried? Any of these products? Any monthly subscriptions? If you want to give MightyFix a shot, contact me and I have a few codes for friends to try.

Who doesn’t love some new kitchen/home products?

– From one housewife’s excitement in life to another….Mal

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