How to Dye Easter Eggs with Whipped Cream

The Easter Egg

Why do you celebrate Easter? Why do you share this holiday with your children? Why? With 5 children I get at least 5 “why’s?” everyday. As parents we intentionally show our children to live by our actions and teach them from day one how to be individuals in this world. My hope is that we are teaching them to love the Lord, know Him and truly show others exactly what Jesus showed people when He walked the earth. Seth and I intentionallysymboliz talk with our children about their days, what are they thankful for and how we treated the people we interacted with. We teach them to love others, respect everyone and to walk in the ways of the Lord.

Easter is such an amazing celebration of the life we now have because of God’s promise in Jesus. When Jesus’ followers went to the tomb they found the stone rolled away and the inside empty. Two angels appeared, “He is not here; he has risen!” The egg we use intentionally to symbolize Easter becuase it represents new life. We celebrate spring with new life, new babies and warmth. We crack that Easter egg open to find it empty. Just like the empty tomb. We thank Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins so that we can have new life in Him! How amazing is that to teach our kids?

We do resurrection cookies the night before easter and we also usually color eggs. Here is how we did our eggs last year-a fun and simple way to decorate those eggs.

What you need:

– Hard boiled eggs (I usually boil salt water. Then place the eggs in the boiling water for 13 minutes. Take off the burner for 5 min and then run under cold water)

– Whipped Cream

– Vinegar

– Food coloring

Step 1: Put a layer of whip cream in the bottom of a pan

Step 2: Dip each egg in a bowl of vinegar. Now we only put the eggs in for a few seconds. I think the color would stick better if you soaked them for 5 minutes. Place the eggs on a towel to dry off slightly before placing them in the color pan.

Step 3: Place a few drops of food coloring in different sections of the pan and swirl around. We wanted the “tie dye” look.

Step 3: place your eggs in the cream mix and move them around. We used popsicle sticks but you could use any silverware.

The kids enjoyed this part and it got a little messy. As you can see below it is completely edible 🙂

The color didn’t take real well to the brown eggs and I think if we would have soaked the eggs a little longer in the vinegar it would have worked even better. So my tip for success would be to place the eggs in vinegar for 5-10 minutes and let soak before you lightly dry and roll in the whipped cream.

Thank you Jesus for that empty Tomb. Thank you for giving us new life and thank you Lord for the new life we celebrated last year at Easter!







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