Tried & Tested: Urine Gender Reveal Test

We never have found out what we are having until that baby decided to make its debut. I was an event planner. Planning WAS totally my thing. I like a schedule and love to know whats going on but the thing is, I married the COMPLETE opposite. As frustrating and irritating as that was early on in our marriage, I have grown to appreciate it more and its help me chill out. But don’t worry my Type A people, I haven’t fully converted ūüôā

Anyway, my husband totally won all 5 battles and those ultrasounds came and went. This last¬†pregnancy I kinda wanted to know what we were having…so I thought I would do my own experiment to see if things I had read about the “Drano Urine Test” could prove accurate. I hustled a bunch of my pregnant friends and got their urine samples. Half of them knew what gender they were having and half of us didn’t. Going into the test myself, I wouldn’t fully know the accuracy until our baby was born and if in fact matched the Drano color gender…

Note: These are urine pictures,  nothing fancy or perfect about them. I am not a medical professional so if you test, its at your on risk. I am also not paid  or offered anything for my findings.

Items Needed:

  • Drano (I went with name brand, no messing around)
  • Clear cups
  • Urine sample
  • Well ventilated area


Step 1: Put urine sample in clear cup. I used about a half cup of urine.


Step 2: Pour in a little less than 1/4 cup Drano. Stand back or leave the room for a few minutes. The smell is HORRIBLE. The first round we did at my sisters. It was winter so we did it in her bathtub and had the fan on. The ammonia/ bleach smell was so bad we had to cover our mouths and noses to check the results. Breathing this I’m sure is toxic and¬†not recommended.


Step 3: Wait 5 minutes. In some of the cases it foamed up and changed slightly after 2 minutes.



Does the Drano urine test really work? A lighter sample/white is supposed to mean your having a girl and a darker color is supposed to mean your having a boy.


We did the test on 7 different woman. Most samples were taken in the afternoon/evening. All samples were also all taken past 30 gestational weeks. We actually tested mine at 26 weeks and then again at 36 weeks and my results were the same color.

img_7930-1   img_8073



Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 3.20.42 PM



As fun and interesting as this test was, it proves pretty inaccurate. The only 100% conclusion out of the 8 samples were the 2 that were a solid color. Sample 2 was all amber,with no color separation, and was indeed a boy.  Sample 5 was all clear, with no separation, and was indeed a girl. Nothing else was consistent.


Have you done the Drano test? What was your result?

Happy Guessing!









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