Merry Christmas from The Housewives


Each new year brings so many things- new life, loss, joy, laughter, heartache, and tears. All of these we are promised are part of the grand design of our sovereign God. No matter who is or isn’t our president or who won the big game or if the year quite didn’t turn out as we had expected, God is still in control. Even better, our hope is not in things of this Earth but in our Savior Jesus Christ. So as this season brings many fun (and stressful) things like parties, sweets and maybe even a gift or two- we pray you can reflect on the true reason why we get to celebrate this holiday.

Thank you God for bringing us Your son Jesus down to Earth to live among us, die on a cross and pay the debt we all owe for our sins so that one day we can be with You in Heaven. And thank you that we receive Your Holy Spirit in our lives the day we say we believe in Him, to help guide and direct our days. Thank you that we don’t have to have it all together in order to claim this. We don’t have to make our life “right” before coming to faith in God, it’s actually Jesus who takes the broken down messes that we are and makes us righteous in God’s eyes. Because once we ask for Him to be in our life, God no longer sees us, but sees His perfect Son who’s blood has washed us white as snow.  That’s the true gift of the season. That is a thrill of hope amidst a weary world. May that truth bring a little sparkle to your eye and a little joy in your heart and cause us all to look outward & share it with others this Christmas.

From our families to yours- we wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love from The Housewives Mal & Emma

(And these two littles who are getting to celebrate their 1st Christmas this year!)

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