Tested & Tried: Rodan & Fields Multifunction Eye Cream

img_2456It’s been awhile since we did a review on something around here so when my sweet friend Heather asked if I wanted to try out a R+D eye cream I said ABSOLUTELY! Heather is a skin care consultant for Rodan & Fields. She’s been a blessing to me in so many ways in my life and now I can add she has been in the life of my skin too!

This Multifunction eye cream, as explained on Rodan & Field’s website, “minimizes the appearance of crow’s-feet, helps reduce the appearance of both puffiness and dark under eye circles while special optical diffusers noticeably brighten the eye area.” I would agree that this little cream did help in a few of those areas.

I was gifted the wonderful baggy eyes from my sweet Grandma Joanne. No matter how much sleep I get, these lovely little baggies seem to grace my presence under my eyes. When I first started using the cream, I thought truthfully there’s no difference. I applied it morning and night as instructed. But after the two weeks of using it I can say there’s been an improvement in the area of puffiness for my eyes.


These were taken with no makeup on (SCARY and freeing all in one). I don’t have too big of lines or crow’s feet yet so in that area I don’t feel I see too much of a difference. But it’s the under eye area that I did see a change. I feel like it did improve the puffiness/reduce the baggage. I also think it did help to brighten up my overall eye area. Can you see it?

So I was asked to give an honest review of the product so that begs a few questions that I would love to answer for anyone considering this R+D eye cream.


What was your favorite thing about the cream?

I liked that it didn’t add a lot of time or difficulty to my skin care routine. I simply dotted it around my eyes (not directly on them) and went on with my day/night.

What was my least favorite thing about the cream?

I have very sensitive eyes. Ever since I had Lasek surgery on my eyes 5 years ago my eyes get super dry at night. It seems to worsen when I use things around my eyes like creams or lotions. Even with careful application, it did seem to bother my actual eyes more at night when the cream was used. BUT I would say that the morning application did not bother me one single bit. So my advice to anyone else with very sensitive eyes would be to only apply this in the morning.

Would I continue to use & purchase the cream?

I get my haircut once every six months if I’m lucky and I think the most expensive thing I spend on myself is probably my $8 mascara. I’d say truthfully I don’t spend the money on myself that other’s may feel is completely essential or necessary for themselves. (I’m not judging here I assure you- just where I’m at.) At this stage of my life, the price tag is a little steep to purchase all the time. BUT would this make a great gift for a birthday or Christmas? You betcha!

Would I recommend this product to someone else?

I can 100% say it’s worth a try! I would’ve never guessed using this product for 2 weeks would seriously make a difference in the puffiness under my eyes like it did. I realize that everyone’s skin make up is different and some products work better for others for different reasons. As they say “You don’t know until you try!” I feel this would be a great product to try if you are looking to brighten the area around your eyes and reduce puffiness.


Well there’s my official review of R+D Multifunction eye cream. A big THANK YOU to Heather for trusting me with that adorable little container and helping me brighten my eyes. If you need some help with your skin care regime I will gladly point you in her direction.

Bright-eyed housewife,


*If anyone has any products they would like us to try out and write a review, please contact us at perksofbeingahousewife@gmail.com.

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