Celebrating 5 year olds with a Tea Party

Last week Miss Ila celebrated her 5th birthday. I literally have been planning, in my head, a tea party since the day she was born. We always had tea party’s growing up with my Dad’s family. Grandma Bonnie, Nana, cousin Deedee, Emma, Mom, my brother and I would each pretend to be different people (Lady Bush, Princess Diana, ect..). We always got out the real china and had a blast.  Now, mind you, event planning was my profession. Naturally I have all these ideas for parties running through my mind. This was really simple, fun and I probably spent under $100. Here is peek at how it all went…

As the girls arrived, Ila greeted them at the door and gave them each a necklace and a ring.


11 little chairs, 11 sets of tea cups and 11 excited girls. We had gone thrift store shopping for the cups and saucers so they all were a little different. The chair sashes I had saved and were purchased from a linen party store sale like 7 years ago. The little candle holders were decorations from our wedding and flowers from Aldi. So I obviously am a pack rat and keep lots of things around for just these occasions.



Ila had set up her American Girls tea table as well, with her new tea set from Gramma J.



Gramma came to help and make a blueberry/ zucchini cake with lemon frosting and cupcakes.


The party was from 1-3pm so we had light snacks. The tea sandwiches were filled with blended cream cheese and raspberry jam. Our flower cookie cutter came in handy.



The girls went to the cupcake station and piped their own buttercream frosting on their dessert and added sprinkles.




We talked about tea party etiquette – back straight, feet flat on the floor, finger placement on the cup. We served the girls food and choice of tea, lemonade or water.



After tea they went downstairs to play. We had set up a changing area and a rack with all our dressup clothes hung up. A few girls probably changed 15 times.


For a craft we made fans. I had cut paper plates in half, they decorated them, we folded them and hot glued popsicle sticks on.


If you are wondering, we have an eight foot long farm house table with benches. (Our friend Ryan made it- and did an AMAZING job). The benches pushed together make this awesome kid table.



What’s a party without take-a-ways? Okay, confession- this is my favorite part! Each girl got to take home their tea cup & saucer, a container of friendship tea (recipe to come), taffy or a candy bracelet and a tea packet.


A few girls asked me to paint their nails before they went home.


I have to thank my mom for coming and helping. I could not have done it without her help, so thank you mom! Her mom, Gramma GG, loved to attend the kids birthdays and growing up always made a big deal out of every occasion so the love for parties has been passed through many generations.


The dress Paneil is wearing in these pictures, Gramma J made for Ila for her first Easter. So adorable!

Hope this inspires your next party and if not that’s okay too. With any party or event I will tell you to have someone help, whether its a relative, good friend, neighbor or hire it out. Get someone to help execute the event the day of. My second bit of advice is do as much before the day as you can. I set up the table and started prepping 2 days before and I still was running around the hour before the party. You can never be too prepared.

And you can always give me a call!


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