Marcus 6 Months

The six month mark has come with a few milestones. First tooth, first food, sitting up, up on all fours, and I swear he’s saying “Mama”.  (Ok, maybe that doesn’t count because it’s not in context always, but it’s fun to hear it nonetheless). We have enjoyed seeing Marcus Wade grow before our eyes. He’s pretty happy most of the time unless he’s hungry. WATCH OUT WORLD when he is! When he starts “Buzzing” then there’s usually only one thing on his mind- food. NOW.  He consumes all manner of fruits and veggies, as well as adult size bowls of oatmeal. I honestly think we need to start budgeting for food now to prepare us for the teenage years.He is also never without entertainment due to his big brother Myles which has freed up mama’s arms for part of the day. Victory! All-in-all, we are madly in love with our little Marcus.

We never took professional photos for his newborn arrival so I thought we should at least get a few photos at the half year mark. As always, our great friend Christina was willing to do a session with us and I couldn’t be more excited for how she captured our family. We attempted an early evening time to get the dreamy “Golden Hour” photos I salivate over. It was quite the risk since this is usually the most fussy time of day for the boys, but the Lord was gracious and it went so smooth. Thank you Jesus! Christina nailed it and my heart swells so big seeing these pictures.

Here’s our sweet boys Marcus Wade at 6 months and Myles Benson at 2.5 years old.






 So many hours have already been spent playing their teepee and I’m sure there will only be more as the years go by. Had to get a few shots with it.



Insert every heart emoji that exists. Goodness we love these two!




That adorable little smirk and cocked eyebrow KILLS me!








Myles is getting to be such a big boy!



Really couldn’t imagine life without this amazing man at my side.







We count it a great privilege to have been given the task of raising these two boys up in the Lord. Praying each day for God to be at work moving in their hearts and for us to be simply guiding them towards the truth. To say we have been blessed is quite an understatement.

Time goes by so fast, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the next 6 months. We love you to pieces Marcus Wade. You are a treasure. Happy half birthday!

With all our love,

Mom & Dad

Photos by Christina Moodie Portraits

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