What to bring to the hospital…5 kids later

As I packed up this last time for the hospital, I decided it would make for a good blogpost. Over the past years of overpacking and calling my mom to bring me what I forgot; I felt like I had it down this time. It was fun getting everything ready for number 5. I was so excited to meet that little boy or girl.

What I put in our bag:

  • Baby blanket and burp rag
  • Baby coming home outfit
  • Baby hat or headbands-manly for pictures
  • Birth plan (yes, I type up every time- 2/5 times my nurses REALLY DID use it)
  • Book – I bring the baby book and start filling it out. I am that one who does keep it up each month (I know, eye roll- I just love looking back and comparing and have zero memory)
  • Camera
  • Car seat
  • Cash (vending machines and/or late night food delivery, I brought $30 )
  • Chapstick
  • Cooler and Ziploc (I kept my placenta to have it encapsulated so I needed to store it there)
  • Drivers license and insurance card
  • Essential oils and diffuser (lavender during delivery is wonderful)
  • Game, brought cribbage – this time we actually didn’t play it
  • Hubby’s clothes (underware, socks, sweat pants, shorts and 2 shorts, long sleeved shirt, slippers)
  • Lotion- hospital hands are the worst…so dry
  • My clothes
    • 1 pair of underwear to wear home- use the hospital fancy pants there, bleeding is out of control
    • 2 pairs of socks
    • 3 pairs of leggings/sweats (you do bleed a lot and may go through many pairs)
    • Contacts/solution and glasses
    • Nursing tanks (2)
    • Shirt to wear home
    • Slippers
    • Sports bra for an attempted water birth
    • Sweatshirt or cardigan- great to go over the nursing tanks and hospital temps are all over the place
  • Phone charger and phone
  • Shampoo and Conditioner, bring your own!
  • Sibling gifts, first time I actually prepared some
  • Snacks (granola bars, fruit and nuts, Gatorade, caffine pop, gum)
  • 2 Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Video camera

Paneil 2 weeks 080

Paneil 2 weeks 083

I don’t bring these items but here are a few my friends have used: gift basket for the nurses/doctors,  bathrobe, your own pillow, boppy pillow and hair dryer . Your milk comes in typically after day 3/4 so you don’t need nursing pads. The hospital gives you pain meds but have Tylenol, Ibuprofen and stool softener ready when you get home. I am all about natural births but once that baby comes out- Get ME Some Pain Meds!! Also this time around I was soooo swollen I barely could wear my tennis shoes home- so you may want to bring some bigger shoes. All 5 times I barely have any swelling until after I deliver. My one girlfriend actually just wore her socks home because she couldn’t get her shoes on!

Here are my going home outfits- So happy we got to use the girly one!

Paneil 2 weeks 085

Here is what I got the kids for sibling gifts: The eight year old: Connect Four game, 7 year old: Lego set, 4 year old: dolly and me matching outfits and the 2 year old got a wooden cash register. I also ( in high hopes of a girl and because I like me a little matchy matchy) had my sisters friend make headbands for Ila,  Baby, Ila’s American girl doll and me. They were soooo adorable!

Paneil 2 weeks 062

I just have to share-me and my 2 daughters. Thanks Mon Cheri for the headbands and HMD Photos for the picture.


Happy Packing! Stayed tuned for my birth story…coming soon.


Here is my last pregnant picture. Hello baby bump! I was ready to not have one anymore.

Paneil 2 weeks 355

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