Spring Capsule Staples


  1. A Utility Jacket-  This is one piece in my wardrobe that I truly love this time of year. I’ve had the same green jacket for many years and it doesn’t seem to ever really go out of style. Green seems to be the go-to spring color and it goes so well with neutrals. I love how versatile the jacket is. It goes well over a simple t shirt or a casual dress flawlessly.
  2. Striped Tee- Goodness, how classic can you get? You can never go wrong with a boat necked 3 quarter length sleeved tee. Wear it with a pair of boyfriend jeans or if you are lucky to have 60 Degree+ weather, it goes well with a skirt or shorts. Black and white are great colors to look for or even a navy and white for a more nautical look.
  3. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans- I know some of older ladies just cringe to think that this generation pays for jeans with holes already made in them. I just laugh when I hear those comments. A few well placed holes are not going to detour my jean selection decisions. Now I agree that if there are more holes than solid material that make up the jeans then yes, those are not good choices. Boyfriend fit is great for most body types and can make an outfit more casual looking or dressed up depending on what you pair it with for shoes. A no fail option are a pair of Chucks for a casual look, which is what I usually go with. A high heeled pump will instantly add some chic elements for an outfit and would go well for a date night out.
  4. White Converse Chuck Taylors- I have had the same pair of white Chucks since high school. If you never have owned a pair before, this is the one thing I would say is an true essential to everyone’s wardrobe. I love that no matter what style you lean towards- Chucks goes with EVERYTHING. I did buy a new pair this spring since my others were not so white anymore and had a few holes. I had bought them used 12 years ago so I definitely got a lot of wear out of them. I felt almost like I was betraying my original good ole’ faithful pair, but some things don’t last forever. The use for them has endured so it’s worth the update. These are perfect with a t shirt and shorts or any type of dress you can think of. I wear them a lot with cropped jeans, casual dresses or in spring/summer with shorts.
  5. T Shirt Dress- Are you looking for something comfy to throw on running errands or for an ice cream date? This is where it’s at. I was originally looking for a striped version, but didn’t quite find the fit I was looking for. They make them in stretchy, flowy jersey fabrics which I don’t mind but I wanted something more straight lined. I was lucky to find this one at Target and I went with the color black as shown in the pictures. I love that it was an inexpensive purchase and I plan on wearing this a ton this season. In fact, people will probably get sick of seeing me wear this dress. Again, this goes famously with white Chucks and a green utility jacket. You can also pair it with a pair of cute booties and a statement necklace for another great look.

Here’s some examples of these staples put into action.


Green utility jacket, striped tee, distressed boyfriend jeans and white Converse shoes.



Striped tee, distressed boyfriend jeans and cute heels.



T shirt dress with booties.




Green utility jacket, t shirt dress and white Converse shoes.


Outfit Details

Green Utility Jacket- Merona

Striped Tee- J.Crew Factory

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans-Old Navy (old),  J.Crew Factory

White Converse Chuck Taylors- Zappos

T Shirt Dress- Mossimo

Hoping this helps inspire some great spring combos for your wardrobe. Happy Spring!

Housewife Emma

One thought on “Spring Capsule Staples

  1. Emma ,Success again. I love your narratives as well ,. Kuddos ,hope to see you in every outfit ,I believe I did get to see a couple this past weekend so proud of my creative ,beautiful,ginormous hearted ,awesome daughter. Happy Spring ,,love, your mama. jill🌞🌷💐

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