What I Wore This Week: Winter Whites

We’ve made it to week 37 here. Slowly things have been coming together for the arrival of Baby Popper. One of the last to-do things on my list was to get my ring cleaned before baby comes so I don’t have to worry about taking care of it in the first few weeks of his arrival. My warranty makes me due to clean it in February. Some of you are probably thinking…really you are worrying about that? For us it’s a trip about 50 minutes away and it’s just one less thing I wanted on our plate. It’s also always been a fun outing for us that we have to do twice a year as a family and we look forward to it. I’m glad we ended up going this weekend because it was something fun to do just the three of us while we are still only the three of us.

Being the end of winter season in the fashion world, EVERYTHING was on sale as we shopped around a few stores. I happened to go into my husband’s favorite store Forever 21 (that’s a joke- he really despises the store) to scope out their clearance racks. I stumbled across this sweater and it surprisingly fit over my baby bump. I bought it thinking it should fit no problem next winter season as well and for the price of $10.99 I just had to have it. I don’t currently own anything like it. Secondly, I saw this really cute coat and thought the same thing. It’s nothing like I currently own and it should fit even after this baby comes. When I looked at the tag and saw $10.99 for it too- I said I definitely needed to buy it. So I checked out and the store clerk said that will be $11.59. I asked her if something rang up wrong. She said, “Nope! Our clearance is buy one get one free right now.” BONUS! I truly had no idea and it turned out to be such a fun little blessing to get 2 items for that price.

I was so pumped about my purchases I had to wear them and blog them. I paired the cream sweater with some skinny jeans and my good ole stand-by brown ankle booties. Simple, yet polished. I wore my watch I got as a Christmas gift and some earrings I had found on a J. Crew’s sale a few months back. I love how gold compliments cream so well. I call this my winter white outfit. Here it is all put together.


Bumping at 37 weeks. How many more will we go? We’ll see soon enough!




Peacoat- Forever21

Cream Sweater- Forever21

Maternity Skinny Jeans- Old Navy

Ankle Booties- LC Lauren Conrad

Watch- Skagen Denmark

Earrings- J. Crew

It’s been awhile since I had one of these posts. Hope it spurred on some inspiration for these long, cold winter days. Stay cozy and the next post from me might be after our little one decides to come-wishful? Maybe.

Much love,

Housewife Emma

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