Myles’ Second Birthday

How can it be that our Little Mister Myles is two already? Seriously it blows my mind. Last year we got to celebrate with mostly family for his 1st Birthday party. We felt like before this next baby comes, we wanted to do one more thing to make Myles feel special so we chose to do a very low-key friend’s birthday party. I don’t plan on doing parties every year for our kiddos so maybe the next one that I do a bigger party for will be his 5 year. We’ll have to see. We chose to keep things very simple with just a few of his closest buddies. It turned out to be a very sweet time indeed.

Well there were two things I had in mind while planning this party. The first was WAFFLE BAR. Who doesn’t love a crispy waffle with any conceivable topping on it? So I made the menu up of both buttermilk and gluten-free waffles to start. From there I did make a big batch of scrambled eggs and sausage for sides. Then for toppings I had fresh and frozen fruit, peanut butter, nutella, mini chocolate chips, caramel sauce, maple syrup, whipped cream and powdered sugar. HOLY YUM!


As always, I loved the color combos it made when it was all put together!


For those who know Myles well you know I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen is one of his favorite books. He calls his two stuffed bears “Hat Back”so it was only fitting to have a bear on his cake. I had seen a similar idea on Pinterest and made our version complete with his red hat.


The second thing I knew I wanted to incorporate for the party was something with airplanes since Myles loves airplanes too. I decided to run with the idea of paper airplanes. I made a collage of them for the back drop of our cake and beverage table. I had cut out clouds for above the food table. Easy. Simple. Cheap.


Since we were dealing with kiddos 2 and under I wracked my brain to think of something they could do. Crafting was out of the question so I used a roll of white table paper Myles got as a Christmas gift from his Great Grandparents and drew clouds as a placemat/ place for each of the boys to color. The birthday boy had fun and even us mamas were coloring by the end of afternoon!


For take-a-ways we gave a straw cup and some snacks like you get when you go on an airplane- peanuts and pretzels.


To get the dad’s involved, I had them each make a paper airplane and they threw them through a board I had cut circles out of. Each circle had a point system just to make things interesting and competitive. After all, when do boys ever do anything without making a competition out of it? It was cute to watch them help their sons play along too!


It was so fun to watch the boys interact with each other and you can tell they are growing up. It’ll be so sweet to look back on these pictures of these little men together.

Thankful for our sweet boy and our lovely friends. Happiest of days to you Myles Benson!

Love you always,

Your Mama- Emma





One thought on “Myles’ Second Birthday

  1. What a wonderful glad I was able to stop in on the tail end. Love to Myles ,yes two already…….Life is Good can’t wait to see year two. Love mummy and ps the cake was fantastic

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