The Ultimate Postpartum Mama Gift

I can’t take credit for this idea but I have altered a few items over the years. One of my girlfriends is the most thoughtful and practical gift giver I have ever known (you know who you are) and this is one gift I love to give to all my mamas-to-be in other friends groups where she is not. 🙂 The idea behind this practical grouping is to have a few things for the hospital and enough to survive on when mama gets home. This avoids sending their husband out on errands that may end in severe disappointment when he brings back the light absorbency pad.

pp blog pic

Part One: Hospital  Goods

  • Socks (who wants those hospital socks or to ruin their white pairs?)
  • Snack (trail mix, granola bars or sometimes I do chocolate and a sour candy. My friend always gave Jelly-Bellys for mama’s jelly-belly)
  • Chap stick
  • Nice hand lotion (hospitals are so dry)

Part Two: Mainly for when they arrive home

july 16 2014 641

  • Tylenol (for pain)
  • Ibuprofen (for swelling- and CAN take with Tylenol-seriously lifesaver duo)
  • Stool Softener (I’m all about taking this for a good week or two…trust me!)
  • Tucks or thin pads soaked in witch hazel
  • Maxi Pads with wings (VERY IMPORTANT, heavy absorbency! Those first few days- Heaviest …”Period”… Ever!)


A lot of times two of us will go in on a gift like this to make sure we don’t miss anything and it all does add up in cost.

july 16 2014 642

  • I like to put in some baby gift. I personally make baby blankets and burp rags.
  • A book ( Yes- I am one of those BabyWise believers….the basics are very good and my kids have thrived on structure and a lax schedule and all have been great sleepers early on. My 4th child slept 8 hours straight by 5 weeks. )
  • Nursing Tanks ( I wear them all the time and who wants to spend that on themselves? Tanks from Target are great but A Pea in The Pod has amazing ones!)
  • Gift cards for coffee
  • One of your favorite childhood books
  • If they have multiple children two big items needed are 1. Batteries…everything needs them and they go so quick and 2. diapers-cant go wrong!

What are your favorite gifts to give? Or best gift you received near the end of that pregnancy?


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