Shower Breakdown: Simple Iced Coffee

If you love to host like us housewives do, you look for simple go-to recipes for your hosting events. Mal shared this one with me when we were newly married and it’s become something I like to serve when I want to only use one type of cup. Lazy you say? Maybe. But it is quite delicious and simple which are two winning qualities in my book.

For Baby Swan’s shower I used this simple iced coffee and I promised I’d blog it. So there’s not much to it, but I made sure to take a few pics of the process. Are you ready for it?

Simple Iced Coffee-  Recipe from Mallory

-10-12 cups STRONG coffee

-14 oz can of Sweetened condensed milk

*Can use decaf coffee


1. Brew a strong batch of coffee. Pour into a glass or a container that can contain hot liquids.


2. While coffee is still hot, pour in the can of sweetened condensed milk. This makes for easier blending compared to adding it when the coffee is cold. When reading the label I didn’t realize it’s ingredients consist of just sugar and milk. So by using a can of sweetened condensed milk it takes the guess work out of how much sugar and how much milk to add to your coffee. SIMPLE.


4. Stir it up and enjoy this delightfully sweet treat. Chill before serving. Add ice or frozen coffee ice cubes to your glass and enjoy!



There you have it. I do believe this makes the perfect blend of iced coffee and you can’t get any easier than this. Let me know if you have any simple tricks of the trade for serving like our simple iced coffee recipe. I’m always looking for new, creative ideas. Happy hosting!


Housewife Emma

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