Homemade Vapor Rub

Vapor Rub

For the past few years I have bought from On-line companies who sell “safe” and natural ingredient vapor rub.  I have had good luck with them all but after getting more info, reading and starting my own collection of essential oils I figured this year, I would make some. Now for a family of 6, germs and snot aren’t a rare thing in our home. On the on-set of sniffles I immediately vapor rub the kids or our feet and put socks on- it is amazing how much you can tell a difference right away and it seems to help shorten the length of our families colds. I will also put a dab under the nostrils too. I do avoid rubbing this on the kids chest as I have read a few different articles advising NOT to do that because it can trick one’s brain to thinking it can breathe okay but still be severely congested.

This is such a simple and easy recipe so before you order your next vapor rub or run to the store for Vick’s….give this a shot.

oct 2015 105

What you need:

5 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil (I had been ordering from Azure On-line but Costco definitely is a better deal)

2 Tablespoons of Shea Butter (I got in bulk from our local Co-Op)

2 Tablespoons of Beeswax (also from the local Co-Op, I actually got “beeswax beads” too and used in this recipe)

30 drops of Eucalyptus Oil

12 drops of Lavender Oil

12 drops of Peppermint Oil

8 drops of Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil


1. In a saucepan over low heat melt the coconut oil and shea butter

2. Once melted add in the beeswax, until melted

oct 2015 0123. Remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes. You don’t want to damage the oils at the high heat but also want to make sure the mix doesn’t start to solidify.

4. After 5 minutes, add in the oils and mix well. When pouring oils, tilt the jar slightly down and allow the oil to come out drop by drop without tapping it or attempting to “dump in”. The oil actually doesn’t come out the center hole but on the side of it. Good quality oils are very pure so not much is needed.

oct 2015 0145. Pour into small containers. I used a glass one for home but two travel ones for us to take on the go. The mix should keep room temperature for 12 months.

oct 2015 017

Tis the season for colds…are you prepared?


***I want to state that I am not a doctor nor have any medical degree. I am a mom of 4 who reads, researches, forgets half of what I read but we all survive. Statements in this article are from my experiences and  personal findings.

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