In The Family Way


Well if you were wondering why we have been so quiet here at Perks, it may partly be because there’s a little Baby Popper taking all my energy these last 12 weeks. Yep…baby number two it is! We are very excited and very blessed to be “in the family way” again. And as the Lord would have it, we will be having another winter baby. Good news is, if it’s a boy then his little wardrobe should be all season appropriate. If it’s a girl though I promise you we will not be complaining. It’s always been a dream of ours to have one boy and one girl. Honestly, every little baby is a blessing from God and we will be thrilled with whatever He gives us.

Just wanted to let everyone in our little secret now that our 1st trimester is out of the way. Here’s to hopefully more energy being restored and nausea subsiding. I promise you though- it’s all worth it! We truly couldn’t be more excited about Myles becoming a big brother and think he will make a great one. I’m sure you will be seeing more of Baby Popper as he/she continues to grow. Thanks for sharing in our news!

Love this mama of two,


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