Nine Years

It doesn’t seem possible to have a 9 year wedding anniversary already! Man, so much life has happened in those 9 years and the 4 1/2 years of dating before that. Ben and I have been together through high school, college, new jobs, new life groups, buying our first home, becoming parents and we have basically grown up side by side. I am so grateful that God has brought our lives to be joined together. I know it sounds cliche, but there really isn’t a better person I could ask for to call my husband and to walk through life next to.

When I was looking through our wedding album to find the most loving picture of us to post on Facebook, I was kind of hit afresh with some thoughts. In this society of trying to be “Pinterest Perfect” and have the most idyllic portrait portrayed of ourselves at all times, I just thought- why am I trying to do that? Was our wedding day absolutely amazing…YES. Was it next to perfect in my memory…YES. But what was that day all about?

So many people I feel care about all the wrong things when it comes to their wedding day. Will I have prettiest dress or the most unique bouquet? Could this scene be featured in a magazine or plastered all over my photographer’s Facebook wall and hopefully get a ton of “likes”. Will my bridal party make others swoon and the decor make other’s drop their jaws in awe of my creativity. So many don’t seem to remember that they are actually being joined in a covenant relationship with another person and are making vows that in God’s eyes means FOREVER. Not until I feel like it, or until I get bored.

Until Death Do Us Part.

So with that in mind, I have decided to share this picture of our wonderful wedding day 9 years ago.

Picture 070

This is what this day was all about. Surrounded by people who love and support us, we made vows to always love, honor and cherish each other. I dedicated myself to always stick with Ben through whatever life brought us- good, bad and the ugly. With God and all our guests as our witnesses, we forever became Mr. & Mrs. Yes under God and on that wonderful red carpet. When I think about our wedding day, that’s what I want to always remember- our promise to each other. Now THAT is a beautiful thing.

Reflecting on this day today brings so many happy tears to my eyes. What an amazing privilege it is to have that deep connection to someone I am crazy about and respect with all my heart.

Ben- I love you forever and ever (and then some). I am so thankful to have celebrated 9 years of marriage with you already and I pray for a million more. You have seen me at my worst and yet loved me just the same. You are an amazing man, father and husband. I thank our Lord for you everyday. Happy Anni Baby!

All my love forever,


Picture 098

Alright, and here’s one mushy lovey picture of us too.

Photos by M Photography.

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