What I Wore: Ben’s Birthday Dinner


Seems like things keep getting pushed further and further back these days. Laundry, dishes, sweeping, and apparently the disease has infected my blogging as well. We had taken these photos on Ben’s birthday about a month ago. Oh well, a cute outfit doesn’t go out of style that quickly so I guess I can be forgiven right?

For our birthdays and our anniversary we have this fantastic restaurant we always make sure to eat at- Christian’s Bistro. I may have mentioned it before on here, but if you live in the area and haven’t ever gone make sure to do yourself a favor and EAT THERE SOON. I could literally go on and on about their food, but this post is about the outfit so let’s get back to that.

I never miss a chance to throw on a dress and heels, so for an occasion like this I especially wanted to look nice for Ben. This dress has seen quite a few occasions this year…Easter 2014, New Year’s Eve and now Ben’s birthday. Its fun and feminine and has this fantastic little cut out on the back. I was lucky to snag it on a clearance rack last year. All-in-all it’s been good to me. I wore my favorite spring jacket that I got as a gift last year (here), some nude pumps, a statement necklace, and finally my late Grandmother’s vintage purse.

I like the pairing of a tough leather jacket with the softness of this lace dress. Its a great meeting of the minds, especially in such neutral shades. This outfit could be worn to church, to a summer/ spring wedding or as I did- on a date. Here’s the complete look.



Isn’t this purse just the perfect little clutch? My Grandma was always decked out with her accessories.




The back of the dress is my favorite part. A cut out done classy!



One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was this beloved necklace.



Finally, me & my handsome stud of a husband on our date. Yeah this picture was a “Let’s see if we can do a self-timed picture on the back of the car” shot that surprisingly turned out perfect!



Dress- LC Lauren Conrad

Leather Moto Jacket- J.Crew Collection

Statement Necklace- Target Holiday Collection

Nude Pumps- Nine West

Purse- Vintage (Grandmas)

Anyone else enjoy getting all dolled up for a birthday dinner? It’s fun to do when the opportunity arises. Life’s too short to wear jeans all the time. Get fancy!


Housewife Emma

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