3 Trends I’d Love to Hate


This week’s version of What I Wore is taking a little different spin. On preparing for my spring capsule, I’ve come across a bargain that was too good to pass up. My lovely friend Lynda & I were trying on clearance shoes at TJ Maxx this week when I spotted these black booties. I don’t own any black booties that don’t have a big heel on them so these caught my eye. When I picked them up though I thought- oh no they are the kind with part of the heel cut out…deal breaker. Well when I put them on my feet I was singing a different song!

I don’t like the type of trends that are super impractical or don’t make sense in my head. Cutaway booties were one of these. As I said, when I actually tried them on and then felt how comfortable they really were I thought let’s see what the look like in the mirror. To my surprise, I fell in love. From the front they looked like a normal pair of booties, but when you turn to the side they become a whole new shoe! Living in Wisconsin this would’ve never worked in the winter, but now that it’s spring these aren’t so impractical. And for the price I couldn’t refuse these boot’s desire to become part of my spring capsule. Who doesn’t love something at 1/3 of the original price!

Next, I’ve seen pictures of girls with the half up top knot hairstyles and really have had no desire to try it out for myself. I just didn’t quite get the look, but the more I see of it the more it’s grown on me. We are heading to Florida soon and I decided to give this a trial run as a potential hairstyle. I was nervous to see what my hubby would say on our way to church today. To my delight, he said he really liked it and that it suited me. Compliments from the hubby= score! I literally woke up and threw half my hair back into a messy bun. One thing about this look is that it’s meant to be carefree and somewhat deconstructed. Words that are music to a busy mama’s ear.

Lastly,  have you noticed how bright people are wearing their lips? Some are like a page straight from The Hunger Games. I have wanted to try a shade of bright pink on my lips but didn’t want the fuss of an actual lipstick. Now granted you might look at this and say it’s nothing out there as far as color. I will agree with you. It’s not the craziest brightest shade you can find, but this was as bright as I was gonna go. I love the idea of a little color in my lip balm instead of a lipstick. I typically use Burt’s Bees colored balms, but haven’t gotten the right shade I was wanting to achieve. I saw this line from Maybelline called Baby Lips and found one that was enough out of my comfort zone without going wild. So although it’s more subtle, it’s still a trend I finally gave in to trying.

Here’s the 3 trends that I’ve finally given in to after much reluctance.






I think this little pop of pink is so fun for spring break and summer coming up!





One last look at these new booties up close. The heel size is so right for everyday use and even just running to the grocery store. Plus the zipper detail of them are both functional and fun. Can’t wait to pair them with shorts and dresses too!IMG_3948



Shirt- J Crew

Black Cardi- American Eagle

Skinny Jeans- Simply Vera Vera Wang (Here)

Simple Gold Necklace- Gift from my Hubby for Christmas (Here)

Black Cutaway Booties- Franco Sarto

Does anyone have a trend they are just really reluctant to try, but find yourself warming up to it the more you see it? Half up top knots, cutaway booties and bright pink lips were my three trends I just wanted to hate but came to love. A new season is a great time to try something new. Who knows it just might surprise you!



PS- My Spring capsule wardrobe is almost complete and I’m really anxious to switch things up for the next 3 months.These booties are definitely going to be in it. Make sure to let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these trends out or if you have some capsule wardrobe successes.

3 thoughts on “3 Trends I’d Love to Hate

  1. I love your thoughts on the trends! How funny is it that the things you think you’ll never get on board with and the ones you sometimes love! In regards to the lip colour its a little pricey but I adore Clinique’s Baby tint which is great for a bright colour pop as it adjusts to your natural skin tones so it’ll always suit you – its my go to! 🙂 xo

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