Tested & Tried: PlanetBox

This year we had a first grader and kindergartner, meaning 2 kids starting to eat lunch at school. After looking at the cost of school lunch and being a cold lunch kid myself, we decided to go this route. A friend recommended the PlanetBox and after some research and debate we took the plunge. I say plunge because $60 X 2 kids equals $130ish,  with tax and shipping…yikes, I know! BUT……it is Awesome! There are three different styles of lunchboxes, we choose the Rover.That price of the Rover included the stainless steel lunchbox, a small dip container, a large circle container, the carrying case and magnets of your choice for the lunchbox. The main lunchbox compartments stay separate with the lid shut but ARE NOT leak proof. PlanetBox provides the separate waterproof containers for those wet or watery items. I, at first, was bummed about this but the containers that came with our Rover kit work great. I am so glad we have the PlanetBox for our lunches. This school year is coming into its final stretch and I have not regretted the decision.

My Favorite things about the PlanetBox…

1. It is one piece.

2. This kids can see everything they are going to eat at once. No separate containers that are left with food.

3. It is stainless steel. No plastic. Easy to wash and dishwasher safe. Plus it should last a long time.

4. It is fun to pack. I like to have fun with trying to pack in colors, figuring out what can fit in which space, ect…

5. The carrying case is adjustable if you want it to be over the shoulder. It has an easy accessible spot for water bottles and an outside pocket for snacks.

The cons…

1. The price. Initially it is a sticker shock but after thinking about containers, replacement containers, sending their food in plastic, ect…its an upfront investment.

2. The carrying cases have worn. I most likely won’t make it a full 2 years as they have gotten a beating and the inside vinyl is starting to wear to the point it will start tearing.

first days of school2014 035

This is a great shot of the carry cases in use… We use  brands, Contigo and Polar Bottle’s,  for water and haven’t had any leaking issues.

Below are pictures of some of our lunches…. Another close friend of mine also purchased the PlanetBox this year so in the beginning weeks we texted pictures back n forth to give each other ideas…


Make you own pizza kit with grapes. The small container is spill proof and held sauce.


Cheese, sausage and pretzels with carrots and dip and an orange


1/2 turkey sandwich, yogurt w/granola and peas


Some days our kids prefer different things: Salami and Bagels with fruit and veggies


Bagels for one, sand which for the other with bran muffins, fruit and veggies


Yogurt and granola, strawberries, blueberries, multi-grain chips and edamame


Cream cheese bagel, raspberries, blueberries, cheese, cauliflower and a yogurt


Bran muffin, sunflower butter and crackers, salami and pears


Halloween Theme: mummy pizza, pumpkin orange, green beans and a yogurt


Cold chicken pasta, 1/2 bun, pears and a yogurt


Three lunches on Thursdays when our youngest brings a lunch to her preschool: Bagels with cream cheese, carrots or cauliflower, oranges, grapes, and cornbread


Turkey and cream cheese log, blueberry muffin, carrots, kiwi and pears


Pickle roll-ups, carrots or cauliflower, raspberries and blueberries and a brownie

Here is a picture of the ice pack I found at Walmart.  It fits perfectly in the ice pack spot. The PlanetBox sells one for $7.95 and I got the one below in a two pack for less then $3. I might as well save a few bucks when I can.


Hope you found this helpful or inspiring…Happy Lunch Making!


***I have not been paid or asked by any of the companies mentioned in this post to promote them in anyway. These observations and opinions are from my personal experiences with these brands

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