Party Breakdown: DIY Sequin Decor

When brainstorming the theme for Myles’ 1 Year party, I knew I wanted some gold accents thrown in the mix. I settled on the idea of making my own sequin number one as the focal point for the party decorations. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make. It didn’t require a lot of supplies and it didn’t take long to construct.




-X-Acto Knife

-Hot Glue Gun & Glue

-Stretch Sequin Gold Trim




Cut out your desired number or letters out of your cardboard using the X-Acto knife.


Start with the shortest section of your letter or number and cut the sequin trim piece so that it slightly hangs over the edge of your cardboard. I made sure that it was just long enough to cover the cardboard into the long vertical part of my number one. Take and put hot glue on that section of your cardboard and gently apply the sequin trim piece. (The area of glue is about the size I had cut my sequin trim piece as shown in the picture.)


Continue cutting and glueing your pieces making sure to slightly overlap (just a TINY bit) so that there’s no cardboard showing through. I had made my number just big enough so that two pieces covered the width of it both vertically and horizontally.


I’ll warn you that is does make for a little bit of a mess. You could put newspaper down for easy clean up. I personally loved how it bedazzled my work desk.


Trim up the ends if needed so the sides are all the same. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. The possibilities are endless with this cheap, easy project.


A successful first birthday under my belt. May it be an inspiration for you crafters & party people out there. To see the whole party put together make sure to check out Little Mister’s 1st Birthday post.



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