Little Mister is One!

We happened to celebrate Myles’ birthday on the same day we said our official goodbye to our Grandma Joanne. Since most of the family was here for the funeral we thought it’d be a good time to share some treats together for Myles. What a sweet sweet blessing it ended up being. That was a hard start to the day, but God turned it into such a great time of laughs and fun by the end of it. Grandma was smiling from Heaven at the sight of her whole family carrying out what she lived her entire life displaying- love between the family.

We kept things simple and I decided to use a color scheme instead of a theme for his first birthday. I figured once he’s older and really into a certain thing then we will go for a theme of his choice. I had found these patterned paper lanterns on clearance at Target this past fall so that is what I based the entire thing around. I wanted to keep things modern so I added black and white stripes, bright colors and some pops of gold. I think it came together. It was a nice positive distraction for me so I poured out my focus on it with the mentality of doing a gathering that Grandma would be proud of.  Here’s the highlights.



I made the number one out of cardboard and sequins. The frosting for cake and cupcakes were a homemade buttercream that was to die for. I’ll be blogging the how-tos for both these things in the weeks to come.



I love how the colors and mixed patterns came together for this!



Besides the cake we had homemade kettle corn, meringue, and cut out cookies. Special thanks to all who helped with making some treats for this day…Stephanie H, my mom and mother-in-law. All were a huge blessing to us. Thanks!





To bring in the color orange like the patterned lanterns I just sliced some oranges and put them in the water.



It was so great being surrounded by our sweet family. Thanks to all who made it.



Besides water we also served Dirty Cokes. Kara you have created a monster with those! I suppose we may just have to blog those in the future here too. They are always a crowd favorite.




Warning. If you come over your bags are subject to searching. These two are quite the partners in crime. We are certainly in for some fun years ahead.



The birthday boy himself. He thoroughly enjoyed the company as much as we did. Lastly, we waited the entire year to give him sugar. So for his first taste of it we did a variation of what my husband’s family always did. On Ben’s birthday, my mother-in-law would give him a Swedish pancake rolled up with something yummy inside. Because we happen to love crepes and all things nutella- we decided it’s a fun close similarity. I think the pictures tell the story…he loved it!




We couldn’t be more in love with this funny, sweet-natured Little Mister. He fills our days with laughs and keeps us on our toes. We thank our Lord every day for knitting our family together with you Myles. Cheers to you!

Love always,

Proud Mama Emma

Ps. For those who follow our blog closely, you might’ve noticed that it was always my Grandma Joanne (aka. Granny Joanny) who would post a comment on every blog post. That is something I will truly miss. She was our biggest fan and she took every opportunity she had to show that love to us. Grandma Joanne- you will forever be in our hearts, minds, decisions as wives/moms/sisters/ daughters, memories, crafts, recipes, & faith. Thanks for you being such an amazing part of us. So I dedicate this post to you my Sweet Little Grandma- The Queen of parties and sweets yourself.



6 thoughts on “Little Mister is One!

  1. I certainly don’t fall from my moms tree. I love the Blog Emma and the day was sure special and….Im at work and now Im crying…lol love ya and that little blessing to the moon and back love mumsy

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