Tested & Tried: Ipsy

What is Ipsy? Well it is similar to a magazine subscription but is for makeup and other beauty products. You pay a monthly fee of $10. You fill out a profile of what you like to wear, your favorite colors on you, favorite brands, makeup type, ect…. Then each month you get a cute little bag filled with 5 new beauty items. Now, I don’t wear a ton of makeup. I’m a daily mascara wearer and face lotion girl. I was intrigued with this concept and thought it was a great way to get some newer product while not spending a bunch of money. A treat for myself. I will thank my cousin’s, Dynae and April for getting me hooked;)

I started in August and have yet to cancel my subscription. I said to myself I wanted to try it for 2 months, and now it has been 5. Ipsy also runs regular specials on some of the beauty products, I have yet to take further advantage. Some brands that I have received and really enjoyed are… dry shampoo (Laboratoires, Klorane), face scrub (epice), eye cream (Nourish Organic), and eye shadow brush (Crown Brush). As you can see below my style is mostly plain and natural with lots of eyes and lips and beauty products.

Here are my bags…

August Bag…. The Urban Decay Eye pencil goes on amazing! Fun bag-huh?



September Bag… I really like the gel polish- lasts super long. Also the Briogeo hair conditioner was wonderful!


October Bag…. Loved the natural lip-stick, I wear it all the time!


November Bag…. The hand cream was my favorite. The Lip paint is a little to pink for me!

cell phone dec-14 415

December Bag… The brush is amazing. Last month I updated my profile so I wouldn’t get another eyeliner.


I am very much enjoying this monthly treat to myself. Looking forward to my next hot pink envelope in the mail-Mal

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid or asked to write about any of the companies listed in this post. This is purely findings that I have tried and tested and are choosing to share and pass along my personal opinion about.

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