What I Wore This Week

May I just say that contrary to popular belief- I am actually enjoying the snow we’ve been graced with. It gets me in the mood to listen to Christmas music and be all cozy at home with my loves. Also, a positive to the cold and snow means that I can get away with wearing a hat and still have my not washed for 3 days hair look just fine. Yes I do shower, but also the privilege of doing so is not always at my disposal with a 10 month old running around the house. A perk of being a housewife is also that most days only that said 10 month old and my fabulous hubby have to put up with my unclean hair. True love prevails though because I’ve heard no complaints from my hubby about my lack of showering. Either that or he’s just too nice to tell me I stink. I digress…

This outfit is one that I’ve thrown together with pieces I’ve mostly thrifted. The sweater was a score from a bag sale and only costed me $0.74. NO JOKE. I live for deals like this! The shirt is one of those classic chambray shirts I had previously recommended. Check out this post for another way to style it. The jeans I’m borrowing from my beloved sister-in-law because being that I’m still breastfeeding our son, I’ve gratefully lost the baby weight and then some. My collection of jeans no longer fit me so my dearest SIL has lent me a pair. My hat is a sweet vintage find I picked up from a thrift store. Ew you say? I believe I washed it before wearing it so don’t get all worked up. I love the mustard color (no surprise there because I’ve only mentioned that a million times throughout previous posts) and the fit is great. I topped off the outfit with some boots and a fun necklace I’ve had lying around too. So here you have it- my outfit of the week.




Loving the textures that come with cooler weather.




Yes this is me jumping because why not?




The finishing touches.



Outfit Details

Sweater- Banana Republic

Chambray Shirt- Gap

Jeans- unknown brand

Hat-Vintage thrifted

Ankle Boots- LC Lauren Conrad (Similar)

Necklace- Target

For those who love a good outfit on a dime and are embracing this chilly weather- this post is for you!




And as I’ve said before, babies make the best accessories to any outfit. Here’s my Little Mister and his adorable outfit.

Myles Outfit Details

Sweater- Gap

Camo Cargos- Gap

Moccs- Unknown brand. IG store find

Slouchy Beanie- SugarLime Lane

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