Fall Favorites: DIY Easy Pumpkin Craft


Wanna know how?

This simple DIY project is one that will be sure to last year after year. Do you ever get sick of the mess that comes along with carving pumpkins? Although it’s a definite family tradition which I am all about, getting my hands full of gunky pulp trying to replicate the same thing every year doesn’t seem logical. So instead I found these carvable pumpkins at my local craft store and waited until they were on clearance at the end of the season. I snatched up 3 little ones so I could carve our 3 initials into them. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out so I thought I’d share the process with you.


-Carvable Craft Pumpkin (found here)

-Carving kit (Can be found at most craft places or even grocery stores)


-Paint brush



Take your pumpkin and figure out which side you like best. You can pick a design or script you like and trace it onto your pumpkin with a pencil. Make sure you have a good game plan thought out first. Once you make a mark on the pumpkin, the indent doesn’t go away. Call that my fair warning.


Here’s the tool I chose to use from my little carving kit. The smaller the little tool/saw the easier it is to make a delicate or small design.


Carve out your design. Here’s my husband’s initial B.


There will be little pieces of the pumpkin material so clean them up and give your pumpkin a good wipe down before applying the paint. Next, take and paint your pumpkin if you wish. I wanted mine to be a nice white color, and hilariously the only white I had on hand was some leftover trim paint. Hey, it worked and saved me some money. This was a trick straight out of my sister-in-law Amy’s book. Any kind of craft paint or paint will work. I also chose to leave the stems the color they were. It took 2 coats to get the desired coverage I wanted.



So there’s the easy steps it took to make my little fall decorations. The best part is that it’ll last year after year and be ready to go straight out of my fall decoration storage tote. I can tell you that this little trick has not only saved me lots of money and effort over the years, but it’s so fun to see your creations being used again and again. Lastly here’s my favorite craft pumpkin I carved back the year we got married. It’s lasted through 8 years so far and is still in great shape. I get at least one person each year who asks, “Is that a real pumpkin?”


Us Housewives are all about being affordable and simple. Any crafters out there who’ve tried this before too? If so, we would love to hear from you and see your creations. Leave comments below.

Fall Craftin’ Housewife,


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