DIY Felt and Fabric Pennants

A few months back we were shopping in an adorable local store and saw fabric pennants that you could individually buy and put together. With no luck matching one of our kids names we decided to try to make at home. In July on a random Friday night I called up some girlfriends for an impromptu craft night when all the kids went to bed….here is what we did…

My afternoon was spend gathering anything that someone would want to use: felt, fabric scraps, burlap, string, hemp, chalk, pencils, tacky glue, hot glue…


Letters: One of the gals was not about to cut out her letters so she used the cricut, one used felt, one fabric and on some smaller ones I used scrapbook letters



Pennants: We cut out the desired shape then traced it onto more felt and cut out 2-3 at a time. Fabric scissors worked the best.


It worked the best using a hot-glue gun to attach the letters on…but work fast


Final Product #1: front door fall decor by Jacqui  (all from felt then glued onto a strip of burlap)


Final Product #2: a reusable Happy Birthday banner to be hung for Heidi’s girls birthdays (scrapbook paper letters on felt pennants)


Final Product #3: 1 year old, “camping” theme birthday banner- after the party, we hung it above his crib (fabric letters put on felt pennants)



Final Product #4: bedroom banner for Heather’s 2 year old (fabric letters on felt pennants)


This was a fun and productive craft night. I encourage all of you to get grab some friends and get creative…after bedtime with some chocolate and caffeine.


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