What I Wore This Week + Fall Apple Picking

Fall. I love fall. The smells, crisp air, beautiful colors, comfort food- all wrapped up in my favorite season. I don’t know how He does it, but God gets me every time He paints a tree with those bright orange or red leaves. I stand in awe a lot this time of year. Also, there’s just something about putting on a comfy sweater when there’s a little chill in the air. Anyways, this year we asked around for an apple orchard that let’s you pick your own apples. By suggestion, we found this quaint little farm with an adorable older couple running it and can you believe all varieties of apples were seriously only $1 per pound. Honeycrisps (our absolute favorites) for $1 a pound-MIND BLOWN. So we picked a quick 15 pounds of apples, but not before taking a little family photo shoot in the orchard.

The outfits were put together with the essence of fall in mind. Mine was a pairing of a new polka dot skirt I got for a fantastic deal online and an oldie but goodie cardigan I’ve had since college. The colors are nice and warm to match the feelings of fall. The tee is one that is quickly becoming my new favorite everyday shirt. I also got it online for a crazy cheap price. I’ve been pairing it with a leather jacket and black skinnies on other days, which is quite in line with the trends for this fall. The shoes were an end of season clearance find and because it was such a nice day I got away with wearing them. All these put together my outfit of choice for our lovely day in the orchard- check it out.









Outfit Details

Cardigan- Mossimo

T Shirt- Old Navy (here)

Polka Dot Skirt- Old Navy (here)

Pointed Flats- Old Navy

And now onto the rest of the story…Myles and Ben were a fantastic duo for picking apples. I can honestly say that you couldn’t get a cuter pair of men. My heart was so full after spending the afternoon picking with my two loves.




I don’t think there’s any denying that Myles loves apples.





I adore our little Mister.



And thankfully so does his dad.




What studly men I have in my life!


It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkins.



I’m telling you this place was so great and even the horses were friendly.



Lastly, this is my favorite shot from the whole day. Our sweet 8 month old Myles.


Encouraging everyone to get outside in the fresh air for some family time. Our afternoon at the apple orchard was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Happy fall y’all!



One thought on “What I Wore This Week + Fall Apple Picking

  1. so glad I got to go along on your apple picking trek, the pix are fantastic and so are you em for sharing this. I love you so much you cutie you! GG

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