Refreshing Summer Appetizer

Before the summer is officially over I wanted to share one more summery recipe. This would be a perfect thing to bring to a Labor Day cookout to close out the summer. I discovered this amazing combination of flavors at a party earlier this season and have completely fell in love with them. An added bonus is that it doesn’t take that many ingredients, and they are easy to assemble.

Watermelon is my all time favorite fruit. No joke I think I could demolish an entire one by myself in a day (I’ve come close before). So when I found it paired with another favorite of mine, goat cheese, I truly could barely contain myself. Then to literally top it all off- adding a fresh herb like basil or mint to this little bite of fabulous was just about all I could take. Who could resist that right?

I have recently discovered that Aldi happens to carry both regular goat cheese and herbed goat cheese. Reason 1,937 why I love to shop there. And for $1.99 you can’t beat that price. The basil I had growing in my garden so that was free. Then the watermelon (which I also got at Aldi) was only $2.99 this week. So for a grand total of $5 I got to make this delicious appetizer. Here’s how I did it.




-Herbed Goat Cheese

-Fresh Basil ( you can also use fresh mint)



1. Cut the watermelon up into 1 inch cubes. You can also get as fancy as you want and cut it into 1 inch strips and then take cutters and make fun shapes.

2. Take a spoon or melon baller and dig out a little well into each chunk of watermelon.

3. Spoon your goat cheese into the little well of each chunk of watermelon.

4. Top with a leaf of fresh basil.






3 ingredients and that’s all it takes to make these easy, cheesy appetizers. Go ahead and try them out for yourselves before the summer ends. You won’t be disappointed I promise. Enjoy and have a safe Labor Day weekend!

A refreshing summer food loving Housewife,


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