What I Wore This Week

Technically this outfit was from a few weeks ago when we were enjoying a visit from one of our dearest friends. We met up on a Saturday down on the square for a little morning of treats from the farmer’s market. This has become one our favorite things to do as a family on Saturday mornings, and it makes it that much sweeter to do it with friends.

Well it never fails that when I get together with my friend Christina that we somehow end up with similar outfits on. This particular morning I just burst out laughing because we both came in striped dresses. Great minds think alike- I do consider her like a sister to me so maybe that also has something to do with it. I thought this moment just had to be documented and shared.

 I’m strictly under the impression that when purchasing items for your wardrobe you should always ask yourself, “Will this still be in style in the next 5-10 years?” I believe in building a wardrobe of mostly classic pieces with a few trendy items thrown in. That way you are not always buying what will be out of style next season and having to constantly be spending money to keep up with the times. I believe that something as simple and basic as white Converse shoes are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe. I’ve had these for the past 10 years and they never seem to go out of  style. The striped dress is one that is casual, yet simple enough to dress up or down. Navy and white (if you haven’t noticed from previous posts- I like navy and white combos) are a safe bet when picking out striped attire. It’s very nautical which tends to be put in the classic category. And finally, who could go wrong with a fedora hat? All these elements paired together made up my outfit of choice. I actually got compliments from a few random people that morning on how cute my outfit was…nothing better than hearing that. So here’s a little sneak peek at our farmer’s market attire.







Love sharing these days with family and friends. Christina wore her striped maxi dress and paired it with gladiator sandals and a simple necklace. I love Maxi dresses for summertime and she found a great one. Here’s what Christina also wore.





Outfit Details: Emma

Dress- Gap (similar)

White shoes- Converse

Fedora- Gap (similar)

Outfit Details: Christina


Gladiator Sandals-Steve Madden

Necklace-Michael Kors

It was just too hard to resist a post. Stripes done right are never out of style and when paired with a classic staple like Chuck Taylors or simply stated necklace- it’s a win! That’s what we wore.



(Huge thanks also to Housewife Christina for taking part in this post too!)

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