2014 Garden


Gardening…it’s a happy place for me . Well mostly, then 3 weeks later I can’t tell a weed from a plant so it becomes a stress. Then I weed and clean it up and am in my happy place…till I watch our sons’ baseballs nail plants here and there… I like gardening or really the idea of gardening. My husband is pretty pessimistic in the spring as our kitchen bench becomes a green house of growing seeds but even he, at the end of the summer will admit the produce is pretty nice. I once was told that economically and time wise it is cheaper to just go the the farmers market each week and get what you need. That way you aren’t spending all this time planting and weeding and weeding and watering. But you don’t get the full effect! I actually like doing both. I take the kids and $20 and we walk around the farmers market and pick what we could use and don’t have in our garden. I really enjoy watching my kids recognize what you can grow and getting excited about these healthier choices. In the garden they love to pick the beans and peas the best. This week, they started making their own salads.


Chard, beans and rhubarb stalks….I think this is the second batch of the day

When I watch them pick and concoct this- I just smile. The kids get so excited watching the little seeds grow (yes- I did yell as they got dirt all over floor and put multiple seeds in one spot, after I told them not to. See, I don’t want the Pinterest/Facebook picture without the behind the scenes reality).  This mess was cleaned up and within week most of our seeds sprouted. I planted inside this year on March 23rd and didn’t get them into the garden till the end of May. Most of my plants were huge and ready weeks before to be transported and we had a few causalities caused my the kids “looking too close.”


We started chard, peas, beans, corn, watermelon, squash, kale, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers inside. I did end up buying more pepper plants and watermelon because they didn’t make the move. We also added carrots (which Hardy, the 5 year old  got the seeds from a birthday party, dumped the entire bag in the 2 feet by 8 inch square), basil, lettuce, and cilantro to the garden. The two big things I have learned is 1) water every 2-3 days so the roots go a little deeper and become more hearty and 2) don’t water during the day, you can actually sunburn your plants.  I learned things the hard way.

Today I’m in my happy place. I picked fresh lettuce and chard to bring to a BBQ and weeded some yesterday. Ahhhhhhh- fruitful!



So what is your summer happy place? What did you plant in your garden? Share a picture!

Happy Gardening, Mal

2 thoughts on “2014 Garden

  1. Oh Mal…..you have just the touch to write these blogs…this one was just so good and with the input of the kids….I just smiled all the way through. Keep being Mal forever. love you bunches Gram oxxo

  2. ditto mom…great post Mal …..where do you get all the energy…you are a wonderful mom and harvesting is so fun….so blessed to have such wonderful daughters and grandkids..keep up the great job……….ps I learned from the best too….

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