Perks Turns 1- Happy 1st Birthday!

It’s crazy to think that this blog has been up and running for a year already! It’s been fun to see how God has worked through this little gem. We have said over and over that this blog was for inspiring others through DIY projects, recipes, kids topics, outfit updates and stories of faith, but we have been blessed just as much through it as well. I love how God sometimes uses circumstances to shape and mold us more even when we set out to do so for others.

There have been some crazy awesome highlights that have happened in just one year’s time. Here’s some just to name a few:

-Our parents got remarried

-Heston started Kindergarten

-Hardy learned to ride a bike without training wheels  (only 4 years old!)

-Ila is officially potty trained

-Houghton and Myles came into the world this year

-God working powerfully in and through our own marriages

Truthfully we couldn’t be more humbled and in awe of the work of our Creator. We pray for this blog to be used for as long as God will have it be used. Thanks for being apart of our blog family and taking the time to visit. If there are any ideas or things you would like to see featured on here make sure to let us know in the comments below. Cheers!



The Housewives

3 thoughts on “Perks Turns 1- Happy 1st Birthday!

  1. As always….words spoken so honestly and sincerely. Thank you girls for sharing your family lives with us…makes me so happy and I know you are getting big smiles from above. Granddaughters rule!!! ❤ ❤

  2. happy birthday to you two housewives….I love you both to the moon and back I am so proud of what wonderful Godly young mothers you both are……love you both mumsy

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