What I Wore This Week

I’m pretty stoked to post this outfit of mine. For the longest time I’ve been eyeing up this J Crew polka dot top and have seen many outfit inspirations with it. I’ve made a point to check Ebay every now and then to see if there was one in my size and for a reasonable price. Well a few weeks ago, I was very fortunate to find just that. It may be a little over the top for some people’s styles, but I think it’s a classic piece I will forever have in my closet. It may even be worth being buried in it, but then again it’s not a dress and if anyone knows me-they know I usually have a dress for any occasion. I digress. Anyways, I was also super excited to hit a good sale at Gap and scored some white skinny jeans and a new chambray shirt. I will say if you need to have a new piece for summer, get yourself a pair of white skinny jeans. You can dress them up or wear them casually with a tank and flip flops. Truly a must! Also, chambray has yet to go out of style and everyone should have one to wear solo or layer with other tops.

I do feel the need to explain the heart behind these posts. Know that they are meant to inspire outfits for others. I think one of my favorite jobs would be to go shopping and pick out outfits for other people for different events and such. I am by no means wanting to elevate myself or brag about things. I enjoy doing this and sometimes putting outfits together is my blank canvas where I get to put my creative spin on it. I hope this gets you thinking of some fun looks for Spring/Summer. Enjoy!



These pictures were taken at my parent’s lovely house on the lake.


A red lip is just the thing to top of this classic ensemble.





After trying on literally all my heels I own, I decided that these mustard heels added a fun splash of color.



Isn’t this top so fun?


Outfit Details

Skinny Jeans- Gap (here)

Chambray Shirt- Gap (here)

Sequin Polka Dot Top- J Crew

Necklace- J Crew

Mustard Heels- Land’s End

Inspired with Love,


3 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. My sweet little Emma……..oh you classy little chicky you…..I love it all!!! White jeans are the perfect thing to have in your wardrobe…..although not quite so skinny for this old granny! Yes, instead of being an Event Planner like sister Mal, you could be an Ensemble Planner…..you certainly have the talent for it. Have a classy swing into summer. love you lots, your cute little gramma ❤

  2. wonderful blog Em …..it was fun shooting the pics for you…beautiful songbird….and yes what a job ..hey.keep up those fun goals you never know whats in store……………..love mumsy

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