What I Wore This Week

This past week my hubby, Myles and I got to do a little shopping. I was excited because we had “reward money” to spend at Gap, Banana Republic & Old Navy. The three of us (Myles included) got a little something with the money so it was a successful trip in my mind. I happened upon an infinity scarf that I just had to have at Gap on clearance. It has the perfect blend of neutral and a pop of color. I thought since I was kind of in the mixing of media moods, I’d pair the scarf with a shirt I’ve had that was almost the same color of orange for polka dots. I threw on a cardigan and some new skinny jeans from Old Navy (also on clearance), tucked them into a pair of riding boots and I was set for the day. Myles and I visited some lovely friends for the afternoon so here’s what we looked like this cold February day.



Kinda digging the color orange in all areas of my life right now. Why not add some color to feel a little “springy”, right?




Praying it’s not going to be boots weather for too much longer, but in the meantime a person’s just gotta wear ’em!


Thought I’d add a pic of Myles also. Someone’s getting to be a big boy. He also is getting wear out of his boots while he can.


So there you have it. A fun, spring outfit on a budget. Don’t be shy about mixing patterns and colors together. It just might make these wintry days more enjoyable. Try it!

My Outfit:

Shirt: JCrew, Cardigan: Merona, Jeans: Old Navy (found here)

Scarf:  Gap (found here), Boots: Chaps, Earrings: Old Navy, Watch: Folio

Myles Outfit:

Henley Hoodie: Children’s Place, Pants: Gymboree, Boots: MiniStar (Target)



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