How to keep a 2 year old in their room for sleeping

Usually around 2 years old we transition our kids out of the crib and into a “big bed.” We do it when either they begin to crawl out anyway or they have a sibling that needs the crib. This transition is always fun….can you sense my sarcasm? The first few days usually go great, then they realize that the have freedom and begin to explore the possibilities. Now that Houghton needs the crib and Ila can crawl out we are starting this fun process AGAIN. For us we put up the toddler bed a few months before to get her used to seeing her new “BIG” bed. Since we don’t have a ton of space and I just think toddler beds are adorable we choose the little bed route instead of jumping to a twin.

Ila did great at first and once she realized she can get out of bed the fun began…nakedness, peeing all over, turning the lights on and playing for 2 hours, the list goes on…so here is how we stopped most of the chaos


BACKWARDS JAMMAS– Naps mostly, she doesn’t strip at night…this works great



Turn off the light pull from the fan…she can flip that switch on as much as she wants- Its not coming on. I actually didn’t think about this and was asking Seth to maybe turn off the breaker. He wasn’t impressed and pointed out the pull option-


Step 3:

So instead of tying her door to ours (which I did for a few days, but it wasn’t very safe as she could have pinched her fingers). We flipped the doorknob so we can lock it from the outside. Once she falls asleep we do open it. This is also good in case she locks herself in her room.



At night she is so tired she just goes to bed but we put a gate up to prevent any house exploring in the night. Ideally I would love for her to open her door in the morning and say “Good Morning” and not wake her 3 brothers…maybe someday.


This is a combination of things we have tried and tested and also some ideas from friends…the combination is wonderfully quiet and not a mess!

Happy Napping,


4 thoughts on “How to keep a 2 year old in their room for sleeping

  1. Mal – These are awesome ideas. Thank you so much. Ava is only 14 months but I have been wondering when to transition and then how to keep her in her bed/room. I will definately remember these ideas!! Thanks!

  2. loved the blog mal, just like I love sweet little ila…….I am glad you are finding some solutions, I can just picture her having the time of her life all on her own. lol Love you all GG

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