Birth Story #3..It’s FINALLY a girl… Ila Violet

After our partial molar pregnancy I had to wait 3 months for my HCG levels got back to zero…in January they finally did and we were able to try again. 2 months later, we got a positive test. I was really hesitant to get too excited after losing a baby at 12 weeks and satan definitely won my worrying but through lots of prayer and looking at our other 2 children, I knew all things were possible through Christ and I would have faith that this time everything would be alright.

By 9 weeks, bomb pops, ensure, pudding and Sprite were the only things I wanted to eat and hold down. Seth was working a lot out of town and most nights I was in bed by 8:30pm. Once I hit 12 weeks I had lost 5 lbs. I napped most days when the boys did and Heston had named this baby “Sqwise.” I felt “Sqwise” move around 15 weeks but with an anterior placenta I felt baby a lot on the inside but it was close to 22 weeks before Seth could on the outside. Wonderful heartburn also set in around 24 weeks and tinges of pubic pain began here and there. I still continued to see a chiropractor and I do believe he helped a lot in not getting my pubic syntheses disorder. I also iced frequently and wore a belly band- the Gabrielle- which is a great fitting, adjustable band.

ila 37.5

This was the day before I delivered along with my sister in law, Chelsie….I always carry all in front

At 36 weeks I was dilated to 2 cm and was 50% effaced, a week later I was 3 cm and 75%. I was getting excited but nervous as Seth left on Friday night to bow hunt in WI.

Sooooo of course on Sunday morning I woke up at 3 am with contractions. I threw up, went to the bathroom and “knew'” it must be happening. This was totally it and come on my third time around- I KNOW what happens 😉 I called Seth at 6 am and said to start the 3 hour drive home. Our awesome friends Travis and Janel came to watch the kids and my BFF of Bloomington, Heather, came to take me to the hospital. By the time Heather came over, I was having contractions 8-10 minutes apart (they actually slowed a little) but still were coming. As soon as we got to the hospital they stopped. I had a few random ones on the monitors but nothing! I was 4 cm and 80%. They gave me some nauseous medicine and an IV for dehydration. My nurse said I would likely stay but my doctor said to go home since this was 3 weeks early, with a warning it still may happen that day. Seth got to the hospital around noon and we all went home. Heather was officially off “cord cutting duty.” Every pregnancy really is different!

Now what? The waiting game again. I think these last three weeks are killer. These babies are on their own schedules and while that’s awesome at the same time, we WANT them out. A pound a week to grow at the end, those stretch marks now creeping in places we hoped they wouldn’t touch, and man can we get comfortable for at least a little bit. Sleep? What is sleep? 4 kids in 6 years and I still dont have the answers to that. I truly believe at the end of pregnancy the lack of sleep is God’s way of preparing us for our newborns. So while I say “Thank you God,” I have a hard time at 3 am saying it without an ounce of sarcasm.

Anyway back to Monday now- Nothing…just an unhappy husband that he got the false alarm and messed up his hunt. I went to bible study, got my hair highlighted and cut till Midnight and put in nipple simulators (Medela brand, silicone stims for inverted nipples). Tuesday morning I decided to head to the Mall of America after I did some laundry. I dropped a sock and bent down to get it and yep- my water broke. Odd feeling as this hadn’t happened before.  Seriously I think the nipple stims worked! I called a dear friend, Kimber and she said, ” Do I need to come and get the boys?” Ummmm Yes. I think figuring out your other children is the most stressful, especially with no family around. Everyday I had friends lined up or at least knew their schedules. Seth came to get me and while we headed to Ridges in Burnsville (nice and convenient), we got the call they were closed and had to head to Southdale. Great, I had never been there. So as we parked in the ramp across the road, and walked the long way to the hospital we were finalizing our names. I wasn’t really having contractions and when I got up to the floor, I asked for a tub room to help move things along. My amazing nurse said to walk and get things moving so I wouldn’t have to do pitocin. She read my birth plan of no pain meds and no offering (I didn’t want to be tempted). After a walk, some nipple stimulation through a breast pump and a bath, I progressed by 3pm to a 6-7 and was paper thin. At 4:10pm, Seth and our nurse Denise had me lay on my sides to help Sqwise pass the cervix rim….OWE!! I hated my side so after a few contractions on each side I said I was done and was ready to push.  I pushed twice and out the babe came…way too fast as I had another round of 4th degree tearing. They put Sqwise on me and it was… A GIRL!!! Finally! I started crying and was soooooo excited.

ila fam

So Ila Violet was born at 5:46 pm, weighing 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. (Imagine her growing 2 more pounds till my “due date”…good grief!)

IMG_8185 IMG_8253 IMG_8163 IMG_8122

Some names we considered were Tressa, Maila, and Hazel. After looking at my Grandma Joanne’s class of 52′ reunion list, I saw Ila. It is Finnish/Swedish but we spelled it I la to avoid confusion. Violet, is Seth’s maternal Grandma’s name. I have always liked that name.

What a beautiful little blessing,


2 thoughts on “Birth Story #3..It’s FINALLY a girl… Ila Violet

  1. nice job Mal and yes what a blessing for sure…………………..Thank you …Thank YOu……………love you all six of you.I am VERY proud of what a wonderful mother you are

  2. I love your tenderness when it comes to your family, those sweet children and that great husband. You truly are blessed Mal…..and Mal – always be “Mal”….we love you,

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