Our Expecting Winter Photo Shoot

A few weeks back our dear friend Christina M, Ben and I braved the cold for a little photo shoot outside. It even lightly snowed that day as I was praying for and the temperature was 18 degrees. Isn’t it funny to think that would feel warm to us right now? I love how it showed up in the pictures. We weren’t planning on doing an actual pregnancy session, but am thankful we decided to do one anyways. We are pretty pleased with how these pictures turned out and how Christina was able to capture this last little period of our lives just the two of us. This was us at 36 weeks. Enjoy!



So very thankful to have this man to go through life with. I thank our Lord everyday for getting to call him my own and for us now to share this next phase of life as parents and partners together in raising up the little ones God gives us. A very special THANK YOU to Christina for taking these pictures for us. You were a rockstar that day! Check out her other stuff on her blog and if you are in the area…she’s a great photography recommendation.

Just waiting to meet our Little Mister any day now. Can’t wait to post some pics of him once he’s here!



2 thoughts on “Our Expecting Winter Photo Shoot

  1. And I can’t wait either. Loved looking all of these pictures again…..wishing you the best in the days to come, I am there in thought and prayer always. love you “three”…..Gramma Joanne

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