Envelope Budgeting

I can’t tell if it’s the nesting or the excitement of the new year, but I have been finding myself reorganizing everything I come across. When I was in line to buy milk just yesterday my envelope of cash I’ve been using finally took it’s last breath before splitting down the side. That brought me to my handy dandy Organizing Pinterest board to get a new idea to whip up for my cash envelope system. Aren’t these envelopes I found to make soo cute?


Now this past year my sister, cousin and I have all started using a cash envelope system to help jumpstart a budget for our families. I will tell you that I am far from perfect on it and am somewhat shooting from the hip since we never took a formal class on budgeting. I’ve been told that the Dave Ramsey series Financial Peace University is an excellent resource and worth the time to go through. Maybe this coming year we will if our church offers it again. Either way, each payday I take out a certain amount of cash and place the allotted money in each envelope we have for budgeting. These include: groceries, household, date & dining, vacations, car, gifts, Little Mister..etc. We also get an allowance to have for some “fun money.” I seem to spend mine pretty much the day we get it, but Ben saves his up to buy bigger items. We don’t take out money for bills since most are paid online. The only credit card then we use is for gas expenses alone. We have chosen to do the Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic card because that’s where we buy our clothes (or second hand stores) so the reward money goes to something we actually use. Like I said- our system isn’t fool proof and wouldn’t work for everyone, but it’s what we’ve been doing now being on one income. I have found the more disciplined you are the better the budget works. I slip up some days, but the weeks we stick to the budget the better peace of mind we have.

Here’s what I have been using for the past couple months before they completely fell apart.


Here’s the link I used where you can find the pattern and instructions on how to print off and make your own envelopes. I used a thicker scrapbook card stock I had lying around in super fun patterns. I cut the paper down to an 8.5X11″ size so it would fit through my printer and then printed them off. Next, I cut them out and folded on the dotted lines. Lastly I put them together with some scotch tape and voila! Pretty darn cute in my opinion.




What could be better than fashionable AND functional?


So here’s my little jumpstart to the new year for organizing. If you have any fun tips or things that work well for you please leave us a comment below.

Happy budgeting!



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