Little Mister’s Nursery

Today we are 2 weeks away from our due date for our sweet little boy. I can tell that I’m slowing down a bit and am tired almost all day long. Now that Christmas is over, we have not made any further plans on our calendar except welcoming our Little Mister. You could say we are definitely ready to meet him now. It’s been fun imagining what he’s gonna look like and what personality he’s gonna have, but now we want to know!

Up until today we have not had a mattress for his crib. My father-in-law joked that his crib looked more like a little jail than an actual bed. It kind of felt that way without a mattress in it because there were just bars on the bottom. My Christmas gift from my parents this year was money to buy his mattress so Ben and I ventured out today and finally got one so he won’t be sleeping on bars when he finally makes his appearance. We are happy with how the whole room now looks complete with his crib all put together. I thought it’s about time the world got to see his room. I have been finding myself wandering in there everyday just to look around and picture how life’s gonna be with Little Mister here. As our cousin said- the anticipation is very sweet. I agree- now that his room is entirely complete all we need is that sweet little boy to join us!


The color scheme we picked was mainly white & grey with splashes of orange and teal. I love the Ikea rug we received as a shower gift from my sister Mal. It adds such a fun element to the room.



Our sweet sister-in-law painted that canvas for his room. I love the words to that song and found them so fitting for how we feel about our son.



We love books! I’ve been reading to Mister all throughout this pregnancy and can’t wait until he’s in my arms to read to him too!


We used an existing mid-century modern dresser we had and just spray painted it white. I love the look for our changing table. The overall theme for the  nursery is travel/cities. In the 7 years of marriage, Ben and I have been blessed to travel and visit some fun cities. We thought we’d incorporate those experiences into our nursery.




I happened upon this gem of a crate at a consignment shop and thought it’d add a great splash of color and functionality to the changing table. It holds the wipes, lotion, ointments, etc. The clock was a fun Target clearance find. It sways as a pendulum with our splash of teal.


Our beloved crib is one of my favorite things about his room. Both parents bought this for us as our shower gift. I love the modern look and the fun grey color. It’s so much more interesting than a plain old crib. Thankfully it’ll convert to a toddler bed and a day bed later on as well. The mobile was a shower gift from my aunts and one of Ben’s favorite pieces in the room since he loves planes. We are hoping Little Mister loves to look at it too. I thought it was fitting with our travel theme as well.


This little modern shelf was a find at TJ Maxx. We bought Little Mister his first camera (which is wooden…I love wooden toys!) as a stocking stuffer for Christmas this year and paired it with some sweet homemade gifts from our dear cousin Danielle. We plan on using the bow tie for his little newborn picture session. For now it’s a fun little decoration.


Lastly, this is the outfit we have packed to use when we bring him home from the hospital. It’s insane to think it could be any day now, but we are so looking forward to meeting him!


Where we found the stuff:

Crib: Babyletto Hudson in grey- Target

Crib skirt & Changing pad cover: Dwell Studio

Dresser: Vintage

Chair: Craigslist find

Pillow: Homemade

Chevron Pouf: Kohls

Rug: Ullgump-Ikea

Curtains: Ferle-Ikea

Side Table, Lamps: Target clearance finds

Grey Crate: Threshold- Target

Teal Magazine Rack: Vintage

Book Shelves/Ledges: Ribba- Ikea

Modern Circle Shelf: Boon brand- TJ Maxx

Mobile:  Etsy

Canvas: Homemade from Amy

City Prints & Verse Print: Etsy

Picture frames: Ribba- Ikea

Clock: Target clearance

Crate: Vintage

Praying for a safe delivery and a sweet welcome home for Little Mister. We are happy he has a nice little room to come home to.

Waiting & Nesting,


*Special thanks to Ben for being patient while putting the room together and to Grandma J for helping us paint!


9 thoughts on “Little Mister’s Nursery

  1. oh my goodness Emma, thanks for putting all of this together so I could see it all and will know just how to picture little mister when he arrives. He surely has a beautiful nursery…and a beautiful loving mom. Thinking of you daily and praying for you to sail through all of these next weeks on angles wings. My love to you..and to Ben. ❤

  2. this just warms my heart……cannot wait for you to experience motherhood… thing ever……..great blog Emma
    and super excited to have that littleone in my arms love ya mumsy

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  4. It looks spectacular! You do such great work with your home decor! Enjoy your last 2ish weeks and go on a couple dates 🙂 Love you all!

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  6. I know its been a long time…but what is the paint color you used? We have the same crib and Im having a hard time choosing a color!! Thank you!!

    • Hello Eryn!
      Thanks for asking. I just checked our paint can and it doesn’t have the name of it on there. So sorry! We used Valspar paint from Lowes and on the can the formula # is 101-13, 107-8.5, 109-0.5. I even called Lowe’s to see if they could look this up but they stated there was no way of looking it up. If I remember it may have been Silver Fox? But I’m not overly confident about that. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a 100% answer. Thanks again for asking and good luck with your nursery! We love the crib so good choice!

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