Its “Little Mister’s” Baby shower

As soon as we all found out Ben and Emma were expecting, my mind went straight to the baby shower. The event planner gets to come out again and as usual, I started mentally preparing all the little details. When it comes to events I love themes, setting the tone by starting with the invitations, the first impression, take-a-ways, and so much more. Emma’s sisters-in-laws(Amy and Kate) good friend (Emily), our mom and I began the long email chain tossing out ideas.

Our modern, bow-ties, patterns, and globes came to a head….We focused around an Ikea rug that Emma wanted in her nursery so that was a helpful starting point.  It was a lot of fun to put this together and have 60 plus friends and family come and support Ben and Emma on their much anticipated Little Mister. Here is a look at the outcome…Envision a soft lullaby CD in the background and here you have the shower.

Decor: We set up the Mom to Be in front with a comfy black chair and gift table. We strung bow ties and ties on twine with a few baby pictures of Ben and Emma.

fall 2013 155

fall 2013 172

The Tables: white table clothes with chunks of wood, Ikea white frames with words associated with babies and acorns spread around. To add some color we set out the take-a-ways and also made the napkins (Ikea) into bow ties.

fall 2013 151


fall 2013 150

Food:  Soup (sausage tortellini, broccoli cheese and chicken noodle soup), Cashew Salad and Fresh Herb bread


Beverages: Water, Do-it-yourself Caramel Dolces with whipped cream, and Sparkling Cranberry Punch

fall 2013 164


Dessert: Caramel Apple Bar with delicious toppings of chocolate chips, coconut flakes, peanuts, cinnamon chips and butterscotch chips and warm caramel

fall 2013 166 fall 2013 174

Little Details: For take-a-ways (my favorite thing) we had frosted cut-out cookies

fall 2013 160

Games/ To do: with 60 people it would take far to long for any game so we set up a station to write notes on diapers. Also I had made some long cards with “Wishes for Little Mister” that people could fill out. I will bind them together and someday I am sure there will be many laughs with reading them.

fall 2013 157 fall 2013 158

Lastly here is the crew….


Emily, Mallory, Emma and Baby, Kate, Amy 

(Gramma J and Gramma Janet were MIA for the pic but also helped with the shower.)

fall 2013 179

Cousins Houghton and Calvin are waiting for their partner in crime and breaking in the new rug for Mister’s nursery.

Emma was SHOWERED in gifts and got some really nice things.  We look forward to January…..

Love you Little Mister,

Auntie Mal

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