Some of you might be asking..what in the world is a babymoon? I’ve only discovered the definition of this word in the last couple years. It’s a term used for a mini getaway with just you and your spouse before the baby comes. It’s kind of a last hurrah before your vacation life will drastically change from here on out. Everyone keeps telling us that life as you know it changes forever once a baby comes along. We wanted to do something small, not too far away, low key and cozy. We decided to look over by Lake Michigan for a place to stay on the water. Most of the fall leaves are done by us, but there was still some beautifully colored trees over by Door County area. We found a place in Sturgeon Bay, Wi, and it was here that we enjoyed our last vacation just the two of us. We shopped in their quaint downtown area, sipped coffee at a hip little coffeehouse, found a park and took some pics, ate dinner at a yummy little Italian restaurant, walked by the water, and even found a souvenir to remember the trip by (A wooden train that spells out Little Mister’s name- each car is a different letter). Most importantly, we soaked up and cherished the time together. We talked about what life’s gonna look like after our baby will be here, how great God has been in His faithfulness in our lives and how thankful we are that we’ve had 7 years together to build a good foundation for our marriage. We didn’t do anything fancy, but it didn’t need to be. The time was ours and it was such a little sweetener that we will remember forever. Here’s some highlights in photos from our little Babymoon in Sturgeon Bay.








I love the colors God creates for us in Fall. Here’s us enjoying our coffee at Glas Coffeehouse. If you ever find yourself in Sturgeon Bay in need of a cup of Joe- this is the place to go!



 There were all these painted sturgeons throughout the town. We got to enjoy one at our resort.



A little photo shoot on the beach of our resort. 29 weeks along.








Just wanted to share part of our enjoyable weekend away. If you find yourself expecting a baby- take the time to get away just the two of you. You can go all out or just keep it simple, which was what we did. I promise you that it’s worth the quality time together.



2 thoughts on “Babymoon

  1. oh emma…..this is sooo sweet, my heart is so happy for you three….love abounds and God smiles down. Hugs and Kisses….your cute little granny ❤

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