What we wore this week… 8 weeks postpartum style

Ahhhh the fall…one of my favorite times. The last few weeks have been a blur adjusting to life with four kiddos. Most of my outfits have consisted of the same stained jeans, nursing tanks I wear for like 2 straight days and baggy shirts to hide my belly, or should I say swollen uterus. Okay maybe by now that excuse won’t work but it should! Oh and the shirts-yep, totally full of spit-up. This week a girlfriend, who happens to be a hair-stylist, came over to do a cut and color. Now I am starting to feel more “normal”, whatever “normal” is. Man, does it feel good to be pampered a little and freshen up my look. The combination of that and our little Houghton who slept 9, 10 and 11 hours straight the past few nights..I am feeling great! The coffee helps a little and as I do this at midnight, Seth is re-piping the laundry room and putting all the plumbing into the wall…Ah, a project being checked off the list- Totally feel great!

So today, being Sunday and Church I actually put on clean clothes and thought I would share what we wore ….



I had to add in Ila, SO much fun to dress up a girl….


Mallory: Shirt– Oh Baby Oh, Scarf– Charlotte Russe, Necklace– Garage sale find, Watch– Khols, Knitted Bracelet– A WI friend, Danielle Blomberg, made, Jeans- American Eagle, Shoes- Peace Moccasins

Ila: Shirt– Children’s Place, MAXI Skirt– Sakatah Colors (local Mankato woman makes), Boots– Gordman’s

The reality is I meant to take the pictures outside this morning but totally forgot. Then tonight when I remembered it was pitch dark and I had to take off Ila’s pajamma bottoms to put on her skirt and boots from earlier to show what she wore for at least half of her day:) And yes-I totally am wearing a maternity shirt.

Good night all!

From one (wish I was more stylish mom) to another-


Oh, PS…as I asked Seth to take these pictures, he responded, “Oh, pictures of the Marlboro man?” That is my wonderful, amazing and sarcastic husband.

3 thoughts on “What we wore this week… 8 weeks postpartum style

  1. Oh Mal, you are a hoot….this blog brought so many smiles…especially Ila in the ‘fashion pose” and of course Seths remark!! All in all, I love it though, you are such an adorable Mom with such a nice family, thanks for sharing the love. Hugs to all of you, gg xoxo

  2. LOVE the hair Mal….and your outfit….and ILA well…..AAAAAAAdorable…..so happy that your getting back to that Normal??????lol!!!!!!self..I love you and no matter what stage your in your a beautiful…daughter…loving wife….and mother….. MUM love you all

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