Our Very Small Harvest

Life is funny…it’s full of expectations and anxiously waiting for things to go as planned. Well this year I will tell you my garden expectations were shattered when God threw at us a very hot, mosquito-infested summer. Being exhausted in my first trimester along with those elements of nature- let’s just say my highly anticipated garden soon became a weed garden. So the harvest was not plentiful this year, but it was still fun to pick one bean here or there or one of 10 ripened tomatoes that grew. I have for you the pictures of our carrots that fought through the weed battle. Though they were small, they still packed a mighty flavor. Check out our small harvest of carrots.


Crazy how big that belly looks from that angle too. That was me at 23 weeks.


Look at those colors though…my favorite kind of carrots.


I will say we were blessed with a little gift we didn’t expect as well. When we moved in last summer, we had bought 2 apple trees and planted them in our front yard. One was a Cortland and the other was a Honeycrisp. It’s only their first year, so when we saw blossoms we thought that was a great sign they were doing all right. We didn’t discover until mid-summer that we actually had one single apple growing on the Honeycrisp tree. Now I’m the type of person who gets excited over small things, so I think God thought He was gonna show off a little bit for us this summer. It worked let me tell you! Call me silly, but I was just praying that little apple would survive and that we’d be able to enjoy the literal fruits of our labor. If you know me, I had to document the event since we were just a tad bit excited. Here’s our one precious Honeycrisp apple harvest this year.




Ben picking it from the tree.






It was thoroughly enjoyed with peanut butter.


Here’s to hoping there’s more to enjoy next year when Little Mister is here.



aka: The Housewife- not master gardener

2 thoughts on “Our Very Small Harvest

  1. oh emma, you make me smile so, and make me feel like I am right there with you two. I am so happy about that because I miss you…and everyone …. and I like to feel close. keep the blogs coming, I love them. and you.

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