Birth Story #2…Hardy Otto

Heston was around 9 months old, we just bought a house and Seth was working a lot out of town. In between travel, painting and packing our apartment we made time one afternoon for one thing 😉 . We finished moving into the house and Seth was on his last leg home when I realized 2 weeks later I was late…oops! I put a diaper on Heston that said, “I’m going to be a big brother in April or May”. I had to keep it in and wait a whole day after a positive test to tell him. Seth walked in the the door that night and I instantly said, “Great timing. Heston needs a diaper change.”  We also had friends over so his reaction was, “Really?!” There was a lot of laughing -thinking I was kidding- kid me not!


7 months pregnant at the WI Dells..just a fun belly picture

This pregnancy I had a little one running around, a not very old little one. I wasn’t as sick this time (God knows what I can handle), but I did have more headaches.

36 hardy

36 weeks

I was still working as an event planner for Hire A Host, and at 38 weeks I thought it would be smart to be on my feet for 5 hours at an event at the U of M and on Saturday have a garage sale at my house :). On Sunday I could barely walk-literally not without assistance. By Wednesday, I knew something else was wrong and was diagnosed with Pubic Synthesis Disorder on Thursday. Basically the ligaments on top of my pubic bones split and it was painful to move. They scheduled me to come in the following day at 6 am for an induction at 39 weeks. I was already dilated to a 3 and 70% efaced.

At this point I was in a lot of pain, even the car turning a corner hurt. We got to the hospital  and checked in. We were at Riverside in Minneapolis and were using a midwife team of 7. I liked the attitude and simplicity of the entire team. At around 10:15 am they started the pitocin. I had the only male midwife on all day and was excited to have him. He was in and out the entire time and was encouraging and reassuring. Pitocin, oh pitocin- I actually didn’t mind the contractions. They were fast and strong, but I felt I had it under control. By 5 o’clock I was starting to get nervous because of my PSD. I literally could not get into bed without Seth and the midwife lifting my legs simultaneously. How was I going to hold my thighs and push a baby out? At six the horror stories of wheelchairs (yeah with a 17 month old and a newborn, that would be easy) and how you can tear those ligaments worse as the baby comes out were running through my head. I was starting to get scared and as I bawled through debating an epidural , Seth and John (the Midwife) said it was okay. I was just indecisive. At 8:00 pm when all drugs had kicked in and I was dilated to a seven, I was in labor heaven. Life is great with an epidural! Don’t get me wrong I loved my natural births (with Heston and Ila) but this pain free, little pressure was AWESOME!!  It totally freaked Seth out that now he wasn’t worried about me and watching me in so much pain but could focus on the baby that was about to rock our world…the little girl we both thought was about to make a debut. At 10 pm, I began to feel more pressure and John had me push through contractions for 20 minutes. At 10:20 pm,  holding up our new child-Seth announced in shock and joy, “Its another boy.”  Ahhhhh done…and she is actually a He…next time….

After a few minutes and because the grin never left Seth’s face, the nurse asked him if he was okay. “Yes. He is just happy to have two sons,” I replied. That was one of my most favorite moments watching Seth with our second child with a face of pure happiness and bliss- A face I will always cherish and remember.

whole fam

Weighing 8 lbs exactly, just like his brother…20 and 1/4 inches long and lots of medium brown hair we welcomed Hardy Otto into our world. Hardy was taken off an on-line name list from the 1920’s and Otto is my Dad’s, dad’s grandpa.

– Housewife of Dakota County, Mal

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