A big day in the Hueckman House

Our “baby” has his first day of kindergarten and our baby is a month old today.

2013 1098

2013 1135

After much debate we finally decided to send Heston to a public charter school, that is half day.  Uniform and all, we put him on the bus with the other kindergartners.   Yes, I did cry (not in front of him) and yes, I am somewhat excited to have him occupied a few hours of the day. I keep saying we can always pull him out but at the moment with a newborn and a summer of being home all day/everyday with me and Seth extremely busy at work, I am glad we aren’t homeschooling him this year. He is ready for some non-mom stimuli.

2013 1093

catch my misspelling?- typical Mallory 🙂

I asked Heston this morning what he wants to be when he gets older….”I don’t know…someone who takes care of insects and makes them better when they are hurt”…I will go with someone who studies insects, an entomologist.

2013 1111

My verse I am clinging onto today and probably for the rest of the year. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6          

2013 1108

Proud Dad….who stayed with the other 3 kids so I could be the helicopter mom and follow the bus on the route to school. I actually lost it after a half hour on I35 through the road construction and met him there. Him and all the other 2 kids riding at noon ended up being a half hour late!!!

2013 1120

2013 1121

But at the end of the day…I am smiling, yes- we did survive!

2013 1141

Another day and another adventure in the Hueckman world…..

Blessings- Mallory

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