Succulent Planter DIY


Who doesn’t love these little hardy plants? I have been wanting to put together a mixed succulent planter for some time now, but have been too cheap to actually pay full price for these little beauties. I was in Lowes this past week and happened to ask if they ever go on sale. The Lowe’s worker said as long as there’s 10% imperfections that they can sell them to me for $1 or $3 a piece. My reply- “OK!!” (I was secretly freaking out with excitement, but I tried hard not to show my over-enthusiasm.)

So because I was able to get them for so cheap I decided that I’ll go ahead and make a planter or two as a house-warming gift for my parents new house. So this is totally ruining that surprise, but I couldn’t wait until the weekend was over to share my excitement with you all. The next step was now finding some cute little containers to plant them in. I rummaged a few thrift stores and came up with a few white adorable things to use for my parents. For myself I looked through my cupboards and found a grey gravy boat I’ve owned for the last 7 years of our marriage and have only used once. It went well with our grey themed house decor so it’s now a beautiful little display for my succulents.



– A cute container ( The plants don’t need a lot of space so feel free to use something creative)


-Potting soil (they have cactus soil you can buy or use normal potting soil)


Step 1: Container


Step 2: Add Rocks to bottom. Be generous since succulents like well drained areas and don’t require tons of soil.


Step 3: Add soil and plants


I love the variety!

Step 4: Add rocks on top of soil in between plants to help with drainage. This last step can be skipped if you don’t like the look.



That’s simple gardening at it’s finest. Check out the creations I was able to make with a few dollars worth of supplies! Use new or old. I chose both!







Be creative…have fun..and happy gardening!



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