Refreshing Summer Limeade

Originally I inherited this delicious concoction from my dear sister-in-law Amy. She’s quite the innovative cook and one summer party she was throwing she created this combo. It has now been adopted by me and is my go-to drink for parties and summer soirees. For the past 3 years this has been the drink used for our Fall Kick-off event for our women’s ministry at church. I happened to be making some for that said event this week and thought I should share this gem of a recipe with the world. It’s easy, refreshing and a must for any summer party.


Refreshing Summer Limade

1- 1.5 two liters of lemon-lime soda. (Sierra Mist, Sprite, etc.)

1 can of frozen Limeade concentrate

Fresh Basil

(Told ya it was an easy one!)

Are you ready for the prep instructions? Simply take the frozen concentrate and add to your desired container. Pour 1 or 1.5  two liters of soda and mix.The more soda, the less tart the drink will be. I prefer a little more tart so I only add about 1 two liter. Start with only one and add until your desired taste. Plop some fresh basil on top and you are all set! Be aware- because it’s a carbonated soda, it will bubble up if you mix vigorously. I can tell you from experience, it will bubble over out of the container if you don’t have it in something big enough.




Bubbly and delicious!


I guarantee you this will be an instant hit and everyone will want to know the recipe. Enjoy!



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