Birth Story…Heston Robert John, our first

Now that I am full term with the 4th, the Duchess of Cambridge just announced the arrival of their first boy and I am certain that this current story wont start till I have reminisced about the first three, so….

We got married in January of 2007 and Seth was finishing his last semester becoming a civil engineer. Going with the “natural birth control method” and the idea of waiting a year was our thoughts on a baby. Two weeks after coming home from a Vegas vacation and only 2 months into our marriage, I couldn’t believe how sore my chest was. My co-workers instantly said I was pregnant and after a few days of denial, I took the test just before one of Seth’s classes. He was not impressed that my method may have not worked and his stress with school was not helping. I took a test and left it in the bathroom- Seth went to check it a few minutes later, slammed the door and said a few choice words:) Yep, His life just got a little more stressful. Three days later he was actually excited, so he just needed to wrap his head around it.

mal 13

13 weeks

Our journey began: I was tired and a little nauseous but once I hit 13 weeks, it all came on strong. I began to have lots of headaches and vomiting. At 20 weeks we could feel baby move from the outside…we called it “baby” since we didn’t find out the sex. Acid Indigestion hit hard and tums became a good friend of mine around 30 weeks, as well as Arby’s. I couldn’t get enough melts and curly fries. I also wanted sugar!

mal 38

38 weeks..I also acquired PUPP (aka very itchy belly and red bumps) at this point- Oh my Belly!

By 39 weeks, I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. My midwife stripped my membranes which only caused cramping and some rare contractions. At 40 weeks exactly, the midwife stripped my membranes again as I was 3 cm and 90%. On the way home I had my first contraction and then walking into our Bloomington apartment I had my second. I was convinced this was the real deal as they slowly started to get closer together.  By 9 pm I was in the tub for relief. Seth was watching National Treasure and keeping the times of my contractions but that was all. I called the nurse line at 10: 00 pm and she said I was probably in false labor and told me to wait till they got closer together. By 11:15pm I called again and was sure it was happening, She said if I wanted to come in I could. We had a 20 minute drive and my instinct was telling me -Yes! We got to the hospital at around midnight. My mom, my sister, Seth’s mom and our friend, Jane drove the 3 hours from WI and made it around 12:30 am. After being checked and at a 6-7, I was admitted. After a while I went in the tub for some back relief. My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and I was falling asleep in between them. Then IT hit….A pushing contraction! AGGGG-OUCH! Okay I said- “I will take Nubain, I can’t do any harder then that” . The nurse helped get me out and checked me- I was at a 9 1/2. No pain meds for me at that point. I pushed for like 40 minutes. Once baby’s head and shoulders were out, the midwife told me to reach down and pull the baby out (what the heck- I wasn’t sure what she was telling me- but I grabbed under the arms and pulled the baby onto me). What an amazing feeling and oh the relief!  The doctor asked, “Daddy, what is the little one?” Seth lifted up the leg and with a HUGE smile, replied, “Boy!” After 40 minutes of stitching , I got to breastfeed and he latched right on. My sister and mom had their ears to the door and heard “boy” so after they went to get Gramma Shirley and Jane Friend, we let them all in to take a peak.


Sweet baby, one of the first pics

I had seen Hesston on a hat of one of the kids I babysat for. We liked it from the beginning. I wanted to make it a little different so I just did the one “s”, after we said the name I then looked up the meaning- it was after a tractor company in Missouri. Oh well…For the middle name we went with my grandfather, Robert and Seth’s Grandfathers’s, John as we couldn’t just pick one and Seth has two…. So Heston Robert John joined the world at 4:30 am on December 12, 2007. He weighed 8 lbs and 21 inches long.

Then on January 6th, 2008 we celebrated our first wedding anniversary…with our 3 1/2 week old….We took a drive and walked around Taylor Falls.


              Well on to the next story….Mallory

2 thoughts on “Birth Story…Heston Robert John, our first

  1. Mal, where do u find the time? lol….I love this well,all your stories. I will never tire of birth stories ,specially one of my babies birth stories …big smile…now lets get this number four done 🙂 love you Mal

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