The Entry Light Facelift

When we moved into our home last year we were graced with the lovely entry light shown below. To me the style was a mix between Medieval times and Moroccan/ Mediterranean beauty. Now don’t get me wrong- each has it’s place and can be styled nicely with certain accessories. I just happen to not have either of those styles in my home, so that was something I wanted to switch out almost immediately. Well a year later, it finally happened! Here’s the before shots of the light.


I wasn’t digging the “cage” look. Most of my decor is more modern or vintage so we said goodbye to this light.


I had been watching a light from CB2 to go on further sale for the past 6 months. It’s called the Satellite pendant light and when I originally saw that it was $79.99 marked down from $100 I wanted to buy it. But the sensible husband of mine said to wait and find something cheaper. So as any good wife does, I kept revisiting the website every so often to see if it was even available anymore, much less any cheaper. Well, about a month ago I saw that it had dropped in price to $59.99. I jumped on that deal so fast after having to convince Ben that this was a good deal and they wouldn’t last long. He agreed and now we are the proud owners of this lovely modern fixture in our entry. By the way, rewiring a light might seem intimidating and scary but it was a very easy two person job. Thank you to my brother Jord for helping us put it in! Here’s the final product.



I don’t know if it trips your trigger, but I am in LOVE with this light!



For us- it’s an improvement and for the price, we couldn’t go wrong. I just love how this makes the space appear more modern and clean. My Mom keeps saying it goes very nicely with the shapes in the rug too, which I couldn’t agree more. So whether you are looking for a quick & easy update in your home or just a simple project to accomplish- updating a light can make a huge difference to the look of any room. Give it a try and tell us how it goes!



2 thoughts on “The Entry Light Facelift

  1. It’s you emma….gorgeous in it’s own way. Stylin’ fersure. Just think, it won’t be long and that very light will guide us into your beautiful and tastefully “emma” decorated home. I love it and you and yes, you too ben. GG

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