5 Ways of Announcing Pregnancy

Well you could say Ben and I are just a little bit excited to say to the world that in January we welcome our first little one. So much for having the perspective of a housewife with no kids for this blog- I guess God had other plans. To be honest, I like His way better already. It’s amazing how instantly seeing those two little lines changed my entire realm of thinking. Everything I do not only affects me, but another little life inside me. It’s been a tiring first couple of months, but thankfully everything seems to be going very smooth by the book. We got to hear the heart beat for the first time last Friday, which made things all the more real for us. So I thought I’d share not only our special news, but the ways in which we shared it with everyone else too!

Here’s how I told Ben we were pregnant. This was a card I made him. ( I took two tests just to make sure it was right- we aren’t having twins that we know of.)


This is how we told our parents and family. The caption read, “Come January, any trips we make back home means we will have to pack some extra luggage.” I also plan on using these sweet orange suitcases of mine for a newborn session once this little one arrives.


Having just watched Juno, this is how I told my close girlfriends in a message.


This is how I told my former coworkers the news. I had someone deliver the picture and then I showed up with muffins to share!


Lastly, this is how we told the rest of the world via Facebook.


We hope you enjoyed the few ways we announced our surprise. We are 13 weeks along so only one more week before our second trimester-YAY!! God bless!


Emma (& baby too)

7 thoughts on “5 Ways of Announcing Pregnancy

  1. so EXCITED…..how awesome is He……….I love his plan too…..Congrats my little songbird…I love you three to the moon and back……

  2. so much for all of this free time mommy, but I am happy that you can share all of these things with us, your cheering gallery!! You are awesome, I love you lots. Your cute little gramma xoox

  3. I’m so happy for you guys. I had a feeling. If I do my math right I think you were previously before you left me. Are we gonna find. Out sex cause we need a blanket. Talk to u soon.

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