9 more weeks to go..seven would be better

So as some of you know, We are expecting our fourth child in August. Life has been a lot more busy so my pictures of my growing bump, never happened, my journaling throughout my cravings and weight gain are scarce and my reflecting and reality of four children is NOW becoming a big reality. In (hopefully) less then 9 weeks we will welcome another child on loan from God into our home.

Hopefully I will get to reflecting on each birth story before this little one joins us because its always fun to compare and reminisce 🙂 A snapshot of each…. Our first was born 4 hours late of his due date.  All natural and all the excitement of hearing Seth say, “Its a boy” on December 12, 2007, Heston Robert John was finally here. My mother, sister, mother in-law and good friend Jane were anxiously waiting outside the door.

Our second, was induced a week early because of my public synthesis disorder I developed. I did get the epidural, which was amazing and a whole different experience. Again Seth announced, very choked up, “its another boy”. Hardy Otto entered the world on April 24, 2009.

On our third, Seth was hunting the Wisconsin Whitetail when I falsely cut his trip short, only to really have my water break 2 days later at 2 1/2 weeks early. After an amazing nurse, no drugs but lots of prayer and concentration ..”its a girl” squealed our nurse and I will admit for the first time I actually cried after labor. November 2, 2011 (11-02, 2011- pretty cool and easy to remember), Ila Violet joined two big brothers.

So now we come to our fourth….and all the unknowns at this point. This is the first pregnancy I have not thrown up in. Nausea- Yes! I really haven’t had any cravings like Arby’s or ice cream like I have in the past but I crave GOOD food and anything that is delicious . We do actually have our names semi narrowed down and toying with some middle names. I have been nesting and cleaning and Seth says I get “crazier” with every pregnancy. I also am ready to be done. In the past I have really enjoyed the “excuse” of the bump and being “the pregnant woman.” This time not so much because sleeping and just being 20 pounds heavier( which I am slightly shy of) and not being able to move are not sitting too well with me. Not to mention the horrible heartburn that started around 20 weeks and the fact that even water gives me the need for tums. Those are my complaints but what I need to do is stop focusing on those negatives, give a bunch of attention to our three other children and look forward to meeting this new baby!

Again we didn’t find our the sex with this baby either so I sit in front of 20+ rubber maids and still have yet to wash the girls, boys and nutural 0-3 month tubs. That is my goal in the next 3 weeks. I am feeling a bit anxious of what I have to go through again and the thought of all the pain but the end result is so amazing it all is worth it!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      photo by Hardy 🙂

Off to check some more things of my list….Mal

4 thoughts on “9 more weeks to go..seven would be better

  1. that’s my girl Mal Im so proud of what a beautiful young mother you are…you look wonderful and continue to amaze me with your wonderful attitude and never ending enthusiasm and energy. Love you Mum

  2. Mom said it all Mal…..I too am amazed and so very happy with your life and the joy you radiate. And golfing today,…..just amazing as I said. You go girl!!! love you lots and lots xoxo

  3. You are an amazing woman and an amazing Mom! Love you Lots! Good Luck with the rest of the pregnancy! Give Hardy, Heston and Ila hugs from The Horas! Can’t wait to meet the new addition – I will be keeping you in my prayers for a happy, healthy delivery!

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